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Why Every Guy Needs To Learn How To Meet Women

how to meet women

Why Every Guy Needs To Learn How To Meet Women

BY Staff

Why Every Guy Needs To Learn How To Meet Women

Figuring out how to meet girls isn’t rocket science. There are a lot of things we’ve been taught to believe as men that actually hurt our chances and distort our perceptions of how to appear more attractive.
There is no single best way to meet women; the key is to be proactive, and come up with a strategy or set of strategies that work for you.
Location, type, and personality are all key factors, but ultimately it will be up to you to be successful.
Trying to do something that another guy does won’t work for you.
Your goal as a single guy should be to use the information and knowledge that works for you, and figure out some of your own strategies as well.
Some guys like to be direct and get right to the point, whereas some others tend to take their time, and take more of a psychological approach to picking up women.
Each way has its own merits, but meeting women is ultimately an introspective journey that involves learning what works for you.
This applies to where you meet them, how you interact with them and what your reasons for doing so actually are.

Where To Meet Women

Meeting women is about niche marketing. The sooner you realize who you are and what your interests are, the sooner you’ll find a way to tailor your personality to get the kinds of girls you want.
When it comes to location, this is equally as important. Think about where the kinds of girls you like hang out. If you’re into creative girls, a nightclub might not be the best place to go searching.
how to meet girls
If you’re into party girls, you might want to hit up a music festival, or a club. It really all depends on what you’re looking for and how far outside of your own interests you’re willing to go to meet a girl.
When you’re trying to figure out places to meet women, think about where you would spend your own free time. You can literally meet women anywhere: museums, grocery stores, malls.
The key idea is that when you hang around like-minded people, conversations and social cohesion tend to flow better.
Trying to fit yourself into a box to please a girl just because she’s hot, is a recipe for disaster.
It sounds cliché, but choosing a location to pick up women has a lot to do with just being yourself.

Is It A Good Idea To Meet Women Online

Meeting women online is tricky. It’s tempting to spend all of your time on a dating app, but this can have some bad effects. Meeting women online might be convenient, but it’s artificial.
We were designed to meet women in person. Our brains are designed to pick up on facial expressions, vocal tones, and even pheromones.
Swiping aimlessly on a dating app, removes all of the good parts of meeting women.
meet girls online
Guys tend to want to get to the finish line as quickly as possible, with as little investment as possible. However, relationships—and even sex—are a lot more gratifying when you take your time.
Dating apps are a shortcut, and while you don’t have to explicitly avoid them, they can easily get addicting and take the place of a real interaction.
In the long run, this actually hurts your abilities with women.
Imagine a time where dating apps didn’t exist. Men actually had to go up to women and talk to them, or else they never got laid.
It was literally a do or die scenario. Dating apps, in a word, are an unnatural way to satisfy a natural need.

The Best Way To Meet Women

There is no single best way to meet women. However, there are certain criteria that every encounter should satisfy. When you’re trying to meet women you should be thinking about the following:

  • Is she my type?
  • Am I changing my personality to satisfy her?
  • Is she as interested as I am?
  • Is there a strong mutual physical attraction?

Sometimes you can tell these things from the very beginning of an interaction. Occasionally, the strength of the attraction is so apparent, that it hardly feels like you’re doing any work at all.

Guys live thinking that there’s a myth that we have to convince women to want us. However, sparking attraction should not be an uphill battle. It should be a mutual agreement that there is a connection.

When you only talk to girls because they’re attractive, you make things way more difficult for yourself. The best strategy is to find girls that are similar to you psychologically, and also sexually attractive.
It’s somewhat of a paradigm shift, but it makes game way less complicated when the girl is just as interested as you are. When the balance is thrown off, someone will always be dissatisfied.

How To Meet Single Women

Meeting single women starts with a single decision on your part. You have to get up and go where single women hang out. You’ll never meet a girl sitting in front of your computer playing video games.
Go to a bar, a concert or any public gathering, and you are bound to find at least a few single women there.
Make A Great First Impression:
There is literally an endless amount of single women on the planet, and the only reason men have difficulty is because they lack initiative.
Ask yourself the following questions every day:

  • Am I making a conscious effort to meet women?
  • Do I make time every week for socializing?
  • Is my friend group conducive to meeting women?
  • What can I do to improve my social skills?

Ditch the porn, the video games and the weed (if you smoke) and start to teach your brain to seek reward. On a basic level, meeting women is a reward-seeking behavior.
If you don’t think that it is, see how you feel the next time a girl gives you her phone number or makes out with you. You should be practically high from it if your brain isn’t polluted with other stimuli.
places to meet women
The first and most important step to meeting women is getting out and putting yourself in situations where they exist. Once you can do that, you’re already one step ahead.
Teach yourself to enjoy the process, and view it as a natural part of life. When you look at meeting women this way, it becomes less stressful and way more gratifying.

Meet Girls And Be Happier

Men are designed to be around women.
This doesn’t mean that we don’t have to respect them, or can only see them as sexual objects, but it does mean that not interacting with them can be bad for our mental health.
Men need women like they need food, air, and water. Not being around women is emotionally malnourishing, and you’ll know if you aren’t doing enough to meet more of them.
You’ll feel tense, on edge and like something is missing in your life. Do an inventory on yourself. Ask yourself when was the last time you made a real effort to go out and socialize with women.
If it’s scary for you, start small. Start a conversation with the girl behind the front desk at the gym, or make a joke when you check out at the grocery store.
You’ll find that you’ll be much happier overall when you make an effort to socialize.
Men nowadays don’t even realize that they’re starving emotionally. Too much solitude and not enough time around women—and people in general—can be problematic.
It’s up to you to go out and make an effort to take care of yourself. Think of socializing with women as a form of self-maintenance.
No one is saying that you have to date everyone you meet, but just go out and talk to them.
The more you go out and get to know women, the better you’ll feel.

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