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The Social Man is not so much a company as it is a mindset and a way of being. It is a man whose passion, love and respect for the world radiate from him. He is attractive every moment of every day, not merely for what he has done, but for who he is.

Our mission is to help men become better with women, socially, and in life. We know that these three areas are deeply related, and that he who seeks better women in his life will ultimately realize that he must become a better man.

While the things that brought us together were similar, our individual experiences were remarkably different, and we come together a team of equals, with distinct skills as coaches and as teachers. We respect each other, learn from each other and grow with each other.

We care for and respect the women in our lives: our mothers, our sisters, our girlfriends, and the women we meet day in and day out. We enjoy our ability to bring joy to their lives, and we relish in their company and companionship. We wish the same for every man.

And importantly, we believe in every man’s ability to improve his skills with women. Flirting is a gift to give, and listening is an art form. Tending to a relationship means tending to yourself. Very few men were born as naturals with women, but that doesn’t mean that a man cannot learn to become natural around them.

In fact, we’ve collectively worked with hundreds of clients over the past five years, and reached out to tens, if not hundreds of thousands with our writings and our thoughts. Some of us have been featured in popular print, radio and television. We’ve seen transformation after transformation.

We work with clients wherever their social lives are in need of evolution. Some men merely need momentum and encouragement, others need to develop a new set of conversation tools, and break some bad habits that are holding them back. Others may need to go deep and work to find their core confidence. That we have all been down this path, have taught it to others, and that The Social Man exists is the ultimate proof that “this stuff works.”

But it doesn’t work without heart. We’ve picked the name The Social Man because it represents the evolution of a man’s best self; it is the man we all want to be. Effortlessly engaging, giving instead of taking, a leader of men and a friend and lover of women.

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