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I love these emails, Christian.

It’s not about getting the girl, getting this. I love that your mission is to wake more men up. Once one wakes up, that becomes that person’s mission; help others wake up, and I see you doing that for us.

Signing up to this a year and a half ago has changed my life; as a salesman, as a Christian, as a man.

Thanks for focusing on the root problem; consciousness.

Keep it real.


Hi guys,

It’s been a while since I logged in here …that’s because I’ve finally found the most amazing 10 out of 10 girl (She’s ambitious, she makes me laugh, she has great style, great taste, she’s smart and challenges me to be the best I can be …oh, and she’s super hot, and probably has a higher sex drive than I do! Incredible.)

Anyway, It’s been about a year since I first discovered Christian’s ad. I think it was probably a pre-roll on YouTube. I never normally go in for stuff like this, but the whole thing seemed to make so much sense, and it clicked with a few little pointers I’d got from older wiser friends over the years that had kinda worked for me here and there in the past.

At the time, I’d recently split from a long term girlfriend – she was originally from another country, and really wanted to be back at home, but I knew I’d be unhappy if I moved away from my home country. So we made the mutual decision to part ways. In hindsight, it was definitely the right thing to do. However, I was 31 years old, and many of my friends are getting married and having kids, but here I was single like an 18 year old again.

I like to take an optimistic view of life, and saw this as an opportunity to find the girl I REALLY wanted. The kind of girl that I probably WOULD move countries for. And Christian’s message came along, so I thought it was worth a shot to see if I could start dating some amazing girls.

I could relate to Christian’s story. I have a good job, I’m reasonably financially successful, but I felt I was kind of average looking. And I certainly didn’t think most women would have any interest in me whatsoever. If I did ever get to talk to any girls like that, I would fumble things …and I’ve been put in the ‘friend zone’ more times than I care to remember. I had to figure out how to do things different.

Using some of the materials in the course, I was so surprised that they actually worked. Suddenly I was getting the attention of these girls, and getting their number and going on dates with them. I previously never thought this would be possible. Putting Christian’s advice into practice, and seeing results, really boosted my confidence …and that in turn, the extra confidence boosted my effectiveness at getting dates with girls.

Over the last year, I dated two doctors, an architect, a software entrepreneur, a professional ballerina, and many others.

And I stopped worrying about screwing things up a.) because I knew what I was supposed to do, and was prepared to take each next step, and b.) because my success rate went through the roof, so for the first time I truly believed “there’s plenty more fish in the sea” …so I could wait to find a girl who I truly value, and who truly values me.

What’s more, a big part of the appeal of this whole course is that it’s not just techniques, it’s principles to make a whole relationship work and last. I’m now confident that I can maintain this relationship with this amazing girl. And that’s because Christian’s message encouraged me to actually become a better person, not just to try some clever tricks to get dates.

I’ve got so much from this course, not just an amazing girlfriend, but also more confidence and therefore more satisfaction out of all aspects of life.

I’m walking on sunshine dudes, and it was all down to me, and the changes I took initiative to make in my life …but it was this course that activated those changes. Thanks a million, it was worth every cent.

Best regards,


– CARL S. (33)


I am writing you this email because I just survived another night of not taking my own life. I am 44, and made the decision myself to divorce my wife after 17 years. Why? Simply because my life became hollow, empty, emotionless. For years I said to myself “be a man, sacrifice your happiness for the good of my children”.

Now my oldest just joined the US army infantry, my 2nd oldest is going into senior year of H.S., and my youngest is 6. They no longer see their Dad happy. They see a shell of what I once was. That is when I knew I did not love my wife and I was ready to make a change.

I’ve been diagnosed with hereditary depression. I am taking a handful of meds to combat the depression.

I reached that tipping point where I said “I” am going to own up to the decisions I made that brought me here. Take stock and make a concerted effort in achieving “true happiness” . This passed 10 days I have been living out of a hotel with no contact what so ever with my family. This experience has stripped away my daily activities and feel good feedback cycle and forced me to look directly at my life. This of course brought me to a very familiar and dark place I have avoided for years. I came very close on several occasions of making those dark thoughts a reality in my hotel room by looking face to face at them.

But during the lowest points of my despair I would watch a video or 2 from your presentation. Somehow it shined enough light emtionally to show me a shred of hope and the direction at the very least to escape the depths of this depression and move towards a happy life. Out of last night came 2 simple but huge goals.

1st goal is to love myself with all my flaws. To accept them internally and carry them with me not afraid to show them to the outside world.

The second goal will be met when the first goal is truly achieved and that is finding that woman who makes me want to live everyday to the fullest.

So, what I am trying to conclude is your program appears on the surface to be a pick up process for getting laid. But oh, how it’s so much more. Your program forces one self to really reflect on their life and what brought oneself to the present day. Digest those positive and negative qualities and move forward with a renewed lease on life.

I am breathing today. I am happy for the air I am breathing right now. My depression last night brought me to the lowest point in my life and closets to its limits. But because I woke up today I feel my inner self has been forged by this singular experience. I am stronger and more lucid in what I must do to be truly happy in my life.

I sit here in an outdoor gazebo outside my hotel on a sunny Fathers Day to say something I’m sure you have heard a million times ……..thank you.

– DAVE C. (44)

19 years old. I never had ANYTHING with a woman before, NOTHING.

Through your course, which I bought out of the wish to “finally get this ‘women’ thing handled” as I read in an ad, I was introduced to a marvelous concept. I had been doing it wrong. Once Christian showed that the way is to “be the light that she wants to be a part of” and so develop Passive Value, I said to myself “life just got interesting”.

But it wasn’t just about that. It wasn’t just about having the game. And this is really when I realize THE difference between Christian and Nick vs the “pick up artists.” They care about you and the world. So they make clear that first you have to get your things straight before you are the obvious choice and a man of value.

So I decided that it is not going to be about what to do with interactions and such. I will get myself straight. So I bought Unbreakable. That was it. That was the trigger. Once I had my head wrapped around the concept of actually living a life that people want to be a part of, having the four social man statuses and developing passive value, it was when I was enlightened that I don’t need a woman to be happy, which was my previous deluded world view. And learning how to be happy while being single is the key.

I’m making it real long. I just wanna thank so much Christian, Nick and David. Right now I’m going out with an absolutely beautiful woman, and outside of that, I’m making the most out of life. Living in Costa Rica I have many traveling destinations and I have gathered the time to go adventures and have experiences. I’m enjoying every second. I think that is way more valuable.
But yeah, I got the girl.

Thank you so much.

– MARIANO C. (19)

Hi guys,

Just wanted to say i’ve only just started this gfas training and… Wow! The great thing about it is that its not just about bettering yourself with women, its about bettering yourself in life full stop. I love this approach as you can stay true to yourself and long term this will be beneficial as its not the short cut route that some pick up artists like to teach. I already feel like i have an aura about me, and girls suddenly can’t take their eyes off me! It’s like i’m on a different level. It’s only been a few days!!

Can’t wait to keep learning more!

Keep up the great work guys. Life’s a game, lets win it 😉

– MARK S. (21)

So, for a while after my first love had cheated on me, I was broken. It took me a real long time to get over it and when I had moved on, I was too scared to talk to women and have a relationship. About 3 years of this went on until I finally got fed up and realized I needed a change so I could go out and find the love of my life!

With that thought, I went on and searched the Internet on “how to be confident with women” or “how to get any woman I want” or “how to get a girlfriend.” I went from site after site taking the information in which each site pretty much all said the same thing so I was getting the point.

Finally I wound up at one of your sites and honestly, I thought it was some sort of scam so I wasn’t planning on buying any course. But after reading through a bit and watching some introduction video I thought “This might be able to really help me!” So I decided to make sure my bank account was full enough to buy a course.

It turned out to be the confidence course I needed. After watching video by video and really taking in the lessons given, I found myself starting to be able to approach women more easily. After I got what I needed after the course, I stopped watching the videos and decided to take this to the real world. A world which rejection happens. Ad I got rejected. A lot. But you know what, I was okay with it. I came to good terms with being rejected. It’s just apart of life right?

Anyway, a couple months later I moved to Hawaii for my job. And one day I decided to go out to the beach with some friends of mine. After the beach day was over we went to a local restaurant and right next to it was Aaron’s Dive Shop. We have been thinking about getting some snorkel gear so in the shop we went! And there she was working, the woman I will one day marry.

There was an instant connection between us. I often describe it to people as there is 1 rope with each end tied to each other and you can tug on the rope. That is how noticeable the connection was. After flirting a little, smiling and being charming I could tell that she was interested. But when she asked “So is there anything else I can help you with?” My dumass said “Nope! Thanks!” And my friends and I left. I know, stupid right?

Well about 5 minutes later while I was in line getting food I thought to myself, “Grow some balls and go ask for her number!” So I walked over as fast as I could and went in the shop asking for her but, she wasn’t there. Luckily the manager said she just went to a store next door, so off I went!

Opening the door of the store, she was the first one I saw. First she said to the cashier, “Don’t give him anything he’s mean!” And then turned to me, “Can I help you with something?” I responded, “I came here to see you actually.”

So with that she thought I was joking so she turned around and started talking to the cashier again. After realizing I was still there she turned to me and said “Oh are you serious?”

“Yes,” I said with a chuckle.

“Oh what’s up?” She asked.

I confidently said, “Well I realize it was pretty dumb of me to not get your number back there.” Little did I know she was talking to the cashier about how cute I was. The cashier yelled out “I have a pen and paper!”

After she writing down her number and me hoping it’s actually hers and thanking her, I walked out of the store. Which during she said one last thing, “Text me!”

Instantly I felt good about 1, she gave me her real number and 2, she actually wanted to talk to me.

I took her out to see Gone Girl and a sushi place called and we have been seeing each other since. Currently living together and trying to confess our immense love for one another which seems completely impossible
to put into words.

I couldn’t have had a courage to go back to get her number if I hadn’t learned from you. Thank you.

– CASEY O. (26)

Ok I just want to say this system is brilliant. No joke. I’m 42yo very down to earth Pisces man who was married with kids from age 18-36. So 18yrs of marriage and I guess I lost the game of the “dance”. Single for four years now for a few reasons.

One, at this age finding a single woman that I find worthy has been challenging. But then when I do. I would just open up and spill it I guess you could say. I’m not a bar scene guy so I’ve started on a local website.

Applying the information I’ve learned this beautiful, couple years younger woman has sent me her name and number in just two days by slowly messaging her back and being coy. Asking questions and responding to the answers with challenging questions to her. Like I asked her what fun and challenging activities she enjoys or has enjoyed that’s rewarding to her. Naming a few things she mentioned she was in dance and cheerleading growing up.

In my response among many other things I said, so cheerleader huh.?. I don’t know if we can be friends now. Their always the stuck up ones. That’s not you is it.?. 😉 worked like a charm. She just opened up and said how she likes how funny and genuine I am, among other things. And said text me any time I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

I just want to say thanks to Christian!! I’m a confident man, just needed direction in how to express myself. I’ve really only made it like 40% thru but I’ll be finishing all the videos. It’s just great stuff all around!! And entertaining as well!! Bless you guys for opening my eyes Haha!!

– TOBY B. (42)

My journey with the Social Man has been a life changer. When I bought this system, I was 40 years old and had been divorced for 2 years. My ex-wife honestly was the woman of my dreams and when she left me I was crushed. But I don’t blame her. I became very dependent and needy with her. I had gained a lot of weight, lost motivation in most things in life, and was generally unhappy.

When I bought this program, I was desperate. I had ballooned up to 240 lbs. I’d see pretty girls with other dudes and think, “what does she see in him”. I’d never approach any woman and thought the best of me was way behind me now. I thought I’d never be intimate with an attractive girl ever again. I relied on porn and old memories of being with my ex-wife when we were younger and hotter. And I pulled that info from the spank bank once or twice a week.

I can proudly say that now I am 190 lbs., losing 50 lbs., and exercise regularly. I began to approach girls almost immediately, and sometimes I didn’t score. But, I had such confidence that I walked away from those situations like, their loss. I kicked out the negative thoughts in my head, walked with confidence and a smile, expected good things, and put forth effort physically, mentally, and toward women. On my 41st birthday I went home with a 23 year old bombshell! I had met her several times before and on this night my buddies were stunned to see me have such good luck with her.

I had my ups and downs after that. I met other women and was looking for a relationship, but I wasn’t always able to secure long term for one reason or the other. I probably got a little too hung up on one particular girl, so I started to go back to improving myself first!

And then one day I met this 27 year old beautiful nurse. That my friends was 10 months ago. I am currently in this long term relationship and very happy! She’s a professional, works hard, and is sexy as all get out! And we are both very happy in our current relationship.

So 2 things:

First, thank you! Thank you for creating a program to try and help out your fellow man. Thank you for showing me that there was/is hope, no matter how low you start to feel. Thank you for showing me a much better way in dealing with tough situations in life, for how to behave like a man (let your actions control your emotions, not the other way). Thank you for showing me a few tips on how to talk to women and LISTEN to them. Without you, I highly doubt I’d be in my current relationship.

Two, I know I gotta keep improving. I’m not gonna lie, at times I’ve slacked a little. I mean, I did score what I was looking for, which was a beautiful woman. But, I noticed at times I’d start to slip into bad habits again. I’d get a little needy from time to time with her, instead of being a boss and accomplishing life improving goals. I’d start to take a few days off from exercising and then it’d be a week without exercising. I’d stop reading material to try and improve my mind and spirit. But, I’m catching myself. I just had to remind myself, “hey, this sexy ass lady did not fall in love with that overweight, no motivation having, giving up on attaining good things in life, guy from 18 months ago. Keep it going!”

So I’m in! I love your recent “Action” e-mails. They force me to think and take action. I’m looking forward to improving even more. Thank you for everything!!

– JASON A. (41)

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