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The Art Of Meeting Women When You’re On Vacation

The Art Of Meeting Women When You’re On Vacation

BY Staff

The Art Of Meeting Women When You’re On Vacation

Summer is here, which means, generally, meeting girls is easier.
Something about warmer weather, the prospect of going on vacations and people finding themselves in better moods makes for a very solid landscape for a guy looking to set up some dates.
Girls tend to be more receptive to a guy’s advances, and hooking up seems to be the norm.
Sure, you can still find a serious girlfriend in the summer if that’s what you want, but more often than not, sunshine usually means the dating scene is less serious, and more about right here right now.
If you are looking to hook up, and just keep things simple, taking a vacation is a pretty killer strategy for making it happen.
Why? Because vacations, by their very definition, are impermanent and you don’t have to keep in touch with someone you meet unless you want to.
Also, whether people admit it or not, everyone likes to hook up on vacation. It’s a time where you drink, eat and relax, so a night of good sex (if you can make it happen) essentially becomes the icing on the cake.
But like any environment, there is an art to attracting someone in a new place.
There are dozens of factors that play a role in your hook-up success as an occasional jet setter, and the biggest obstacle is a little counterintuitive to realize.
It’s already been mentioned but is possibly the biggest reason a guy can blow it when he’s spending a week oceanside or backpacking through Europe for a month.
The fact that every guy wants to hook up when they’re traveling isn’t new information to girls and if you appear too eager too quickly, it’ll ruin your shot.
In a way, the same rules apply in a bar, but if you mess up, you can always go to a new spot or try again the next night.
Vacations have a time limit, so if you want to hook up, take it slow and have a good time while also letting her know your intentions.
The location is also a key factor.
There are two types of vacations; the sightseeing-oriented, meaningful ones where you take lots of pictures and get to see a new part of the world, and the ones where the only priority is partying.
Where you choose to travel has a lot to do with this. Cruises, cities that are near beaches and areas where there are big social scenes are probably your best bet.
There’s nothing wrong with hitting a museum, or checking out some historical sights when you go away, but if your goal is to get laid, look for a place like Miami or Vegas where the vibe seems to be fun and people are there specifically to let go of their inhibitions.
Chances are, if you meet a chick in a place like that, she may have the same plans as you, which makes the whole process just that much smoother.
You should also travel with a mixed group of guys and girls. This one is true for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is that it shows that you have a solid, cool social circle with you.
Traveling alone and trying to meet a chick might raise some red flags, and make her wonder why you decided to jump on a plane to Hawaii solo.
The fact is, being away from home comes with inherent risks for just about anyone, so having to tell a girl that you’re by yourself comes off as a little odd and might creep her out.
Also, if your game is solid, you could theoretically get her and her friends to hang with you and your friends, which puts you in a pretty good position to hook up.
It takes the two of you from strangers to something a little more intimate when your friends are getting along and will help build some comfort when you whisk her onto the beach to split a bottle of bubbly under the stars.
Hotels are another important thing to consider. The short advice here is: spend the extra money and stay somewhere nice that’s close to the action.
No girl in her right mind will follow a guy she just met at Senior Frogs to a creepy motel ten miles away from her own resort.
Choose a place to stay that’s close to the bar scene (if there is one) that doesn’t look like a complete dump. If you’re going somewhere tropical, look for a resort that caters to younger crowds.
The last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere, surrounded by families and old people.
It can and does happen, so do your research, talk to people who’ve gone where you’re going and see what the deal is before you start booking your hotel.
Ideally, you want to find a resort or a cruise with enough to do to keep you busy and with plenty of options for meeting girls.
The last thing to consider is how you part ways after you’ve hooked up with a girl. This is totally up to you. If you feel like staying in touch seems like the right decision, do it.
It doesn’t matter if she lives on the other side of the country; it’s never been easier to stay in contact with people so if you think seeing her again would be worth it, exchange information and shoot her a text in a few weeks.
On the other hand, it’s also perfectly acceptable to assume that what happens on vacation stays on vacation.
Some might even argue that this is the point of hooking up when you’re away from home.
It comes with no attachments and gives each participant the freedom to enjoy each other without the potentially annoying parts of dating.
So, kick off the summer by going somewhere you haven’t been before, meeting a girl who’s down for whatever and living life in the moment.
Just make fun your priority, choose the right location, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you have a new visitor (or two) in your hotel room.

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