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How To Overcome Fear: The Way To Change For The Better

how to beat anxiety

How To Overcome Fear: The Way To Change For The Better

BY Staff

How To Overcome Fear: The Way To Change For The Better

Anxiety sucks. It can range in severity from being mildly annoying, to being full on debilitating.
When it comes to things like socializing, it can wreak havoc on your well-being. However, it isn’t a life sentence.
Certain things can exacerbate it, but when it comes to how to overcome anxiety, there are also ways to control it. In many cases, you can get rid of your anxiety entirely.
Anxiety is usually the result of negative or worrisome thinking patterns that get reinforced over time.
All you have to do if you’re wondering how to stop anxiety, is identify those thinking patterns and change them.
It doesn’t happen right away, but it’s definitely possible to change and, in many ways, turn yourself into a totally new person.
how to deal with anxiety
Knowing how to overcome stress and how to control anxiety, will reduce your chances of reacting more negatively to things as they arise.
You’ll be less afraid of approaching women, less afraid of taking charge at work, and less afraid of standing up for yourself.
Think of it like working out. You’ll have to start small, but eventually you’ll be strong enough to withstand anything life throws your way.
Just persevere, and don’t give up on controlling and facing your fears.

How To Overcome Anxiety In Dating

A lot of guys experience a ton of anxiety when it comes to dating. It’s a form of social anxiety, but usually manifests in a fear of talking to women, or going on dates.
It’s devastating, and comes from a fear that’s built into all men.
Some don’t experience it as severely as others, but it usually involves a racing heart, an inability to slow down your thoughts, and the occasional over-excited comment that comes off as socially awkward.
The reality is that rejection is a good thing.
how to overcome anxiety
If you really want to know how to stop anxiety in the dating scene, all you have to do is understand that it’s not all that serious. It’s literally a game.
Girls usually figure this out before guys do, but the reality is that dating, especially when you’re playing the field, is really supposed to be fun.
Relationships are a different story. When you’re intimately involved with someone, it’s hard to be carefree when things go wrong, but it still doesn’t mean that you should feel anxious or worried.
Talk things through, stay calm, and don’t lash out. Negativity only breeds more negativity.

Meditation: How To Overcome Stress

Meditation has been a cure for stress and anxiety for thousands of years. The reason is because it works.
If you’re really serious about overcoming fear, you should start a daily meditation practice. If you’re new to meditation, just follow these steps:

  • Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down.
  • Inhale and exhale slowly
  • Clear your mind
  • Find a mantra and repeat it

Meditation is like anything else. It takes practice. Do it for a month and you’ll start experiencing the benefits.
You’ll be able to handle stress better, and you won’t react as harshly to negative situations. In general, you’ll be happier.
how to fight anxiety
Overcoming anxiety is a process and doesn’t happen right away.
You may still feel uncomfortable in social situations for a while, but with daily mediation and some lifestyle changes, you’ll be able to combat it effectively, and live a better life.
If you focus on one thing in particular, it should be meditation. Emotions start in the brain, and if you can rewire your anxious brain, the negative feelings will go away.
Part of it involves just believing that it’ll work, and the other part is sticking to your practice.

Overcoming Anxiety: Why A Little Anxiety Is A Good Thing

Anxiety isn’t all bad. Everything that our bodies do has some purpose that, at one point, helped us survive in the wild.
Anxiety helps us get things done, avoid danger and help appraise risky situations. The problem is that we’ve created a very safe world for ourselves.

We don’t really need the high levels of anxiety that we experience on a daily basis. The problem is that things like work, our relationships and family issues, trigger the same fight or flight response in our bodies that a bear or lion might have triggered thousands of years ago.

The right kind of stress can release hormones that help us be more productive, which is a really useful thing when we’re really busy or have a lot to do.
The key is balance. If the following things start to happen, you know you’re not balancing out work and relaxation:

  • You can’t sleep
  • You’re irritable
  • You’re gaining weight
  • People notice personality changes in you

It’s hard to break the negative cycle of emotions when you’ve already made yourself anxious, but it isn’t impossible. Just be self-aware, and do an inventory on yourself once in a while.
If you’re a high-energy person, force yourself to relax. Schedule time for a nap or for time with your friends.
how to overcome fear
The last thing you want is for your stress to get out of control to the point that you can’t regulate it yourself.
When this happens, it becomes increasingly hard to reduce your anxiety levels on your own. Basically, you want to stop anxiety in its tracks before it’s too late.

How To Fight Anxiety With Diet And Exercise

Our moods are sometimes a reflection of our bodily health. Anxiety may be a reaction to something you’re doing that is hurting you health-wise.
If you aren’t exercising or eating something that is triggering your anxiety, you’re going to want to change those things right away.
Avoid caffeine, and excessive sitting around. It might be extreme, but some experts have said that sitting is the new smoking.
It’s tempting to lay around playing video games and eating junk food because it feels good in the short term. However, before long it’ll wreak havoc on your stress levels.
It’s not complicated. Take care of your body, and your mind will follow.
There isn’t a huge separation between the mind and body, and when one isn’t functioning right, the other goes haywire too. Combating stress and overcoming it, is a holistic endeavor.

How To Get Over Anxiety For Good

Sometimes all you have to do to stop your anxiety is find out what’s causing it and get that thing, person or idea out of your life. You may not even know what it is at first, but meditation will help with this.
Going into your own mind and seeing what bothers you, will help you rearrange the things you need to.
overcoming fear
It may be a friend, family member, girlfriend or job that’s causing your emotional issues. Don’t be afraid to let those things go because they aren’t worth feeling crappy all the time.
It’ll be scary at first, but over time you’ll start to realize you made the right choice.
Anxiety is one of those things that flares up when you least expect it, and is undoubtedly a hard thing to live with.
The good news is that if you have high-stress levels or anxiety, there is hope for changing.
Give it an honest shot, and you’ll find that once you can control your anxiety, you’ll be better than you’ve ever been.

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