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Feeling Stressed? Beat Anxiety With These 5 Quick Fixes

Feeling Stressed? Beat Anxiety With These 5 Quick Fixes

BY Staff

Feeling Stressed? Beat Anxiety With These 5 Quick Fixes

It has been building for the longest time and out of the blue, you experience it.
You hear it all the time, “I have anxiety,” but you can’t really relate with the person until you’ve had that first attack of your own. If you’re reading this, you may be in the same boat as many of us, it’s totally normal.
While the beginning stages may seem like the scariest roller coaster of all time, the power of controlling your anxiety really relies on you. In time, you adjust to the lifestyle and can only look for ways to get the better of it.
You search online and find those 20 minute videos of people claiming to have the cure for anxiety, to only ask for your money at the end of it.
Don’t waste your time on that nonsense, here are 5 ways to get back into the driver seat, keeping those anxious thoughts at bay:

Get rid of unnecessary stress

It’s easier said than done for the anxious one. We have a hard time saying no, even if we know that we will be sacrificing more than what we’ll be receiving. Everyone has their story, whether you’re in a bad relationship, or you simply hate your job.
You have to ask yourself, are these people worth my time and health? Is this job really how I want to spend my prime years? Ditch the toxic. Surround yourself with positive people who motivate you and you will become one of them.

Always come prepared

It doesn’t always have to be stressful. Use your anxiety to be productive.
No BS, there are even mind tricks that can make that ‘fight or flight’ experience more enjoyable; however, you MUST make an effort to work hard and stay organized.
Set daily goals and be prepared, even if it’s having your outfit ready for the next day.
These small steps will lead you in the right direction and give you that extra push to make a living enjoying what you do.

Go for a walk. Be adventurous. Be active!

Studies show that simply standing up can boost your happiness.
Your body tends to release adrenaline when you’re feeling anxious and this can be more frightening if you remain dormant, or indoors for a long time. Finding a few spots in the neighborhood is a good start.
For me, walking with a friend is even better. You would think that your mind is a typewriter dishing out endless thoughts throughout the day; a real friend will be there to listen (they are out there).
If you want to be solo on this one, it’s OK. Going on an adventure alone gives you the opportunity to free your mind and learn more about yourself.

Drink more tea

If you do plan on staying in, it’s probably best to keep away from coffee due its quantity of caffeine.
Tea also contains caffeine, but far less and is proven to actually help with anxiety. It contains a unique amino acid called L-theanine which is known to relax the mind without inducing drowsiness.
More on which teas to drink from The Huffington Post.


Your heart is racing and your tense muscles are signaling internal anxiety. Inhale from the nose for a few seconds and exhale it all through the mouth.
Wherever you may be, this next technique can be more helpful. Target the muscle group, clench them for 5 seconds, then relax the muscles. Repeat these techniques a few times and continue on with what you were doing.

In the end, having anxiety isn’t such a bad thing if you don’t let it be. It’s a lifestyle that makes you more aware of the negativity you should avoid. While life throws a curveball, just remember, you are not alone.

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