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Looking For Ways To Boost Your Happiness? Science Has A Quick Fix

Looking For Ways To Boost Your Happiness? Science Has A Quick Fix

BY Staff

Looking For Ways To Boost Your Happiness? Science Has A Quick Fix

Maybe you woke up to no hot water, a project you worked on didn’t come out as expected, it’s raining out, or you are just stuck in traffic (you get the point).
A wave of grumpiness hits you, your motivation for the day flies out the window and you just want to stay in bed.
According to a new study, preventing your inner Grinch may be easier than you think.

It’s simple: Stand up and move around

Researchers at Cambridge University and the University of Essex used a smartphone app to collect real- time information on the moods and activity of over 10,000 participants.
After gathering all necessary data, they came to a simple conclusion to instant happiness: standing up and moving around.
In general, the more active you are, the happier you’ll be. A study also stated that physical activity boosts your happiness, as well. Everyone feels great after breaking a sweat at the gym, but it doesn’t even have to take that much .
One study even indicates that just standing up could increase your brainpower by 7%. Ever wonder why all those good ideas come while you’re taking a shower?
It’s important to get in the habits of a healthy lifestyle. You can start by engaging in the slightest of physical activity, whether it’s doing a few pushups or taking a quick stroll. Not only are you treating your mood, but your body and mind, too.
A link was found between physical activity and the benefits it has on kids. Their creativity enhances just by pacing around a room, while one’s memory can improve with something more exhausting, like climbing a tree.
If you are ever in an unhappy place, just get up and go for a walk. The mind works in wonderful and mysterious ways.

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