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The Stair Man Vs The Elevator Man: What This Choice Says About You

The Stair Man Vs The Elevator Man: What This Choice Says About You

BY Staff

The Stair Man Vs The Elevator Man: What This Choice Says About You

I was walking into my job the other day and I always take the stairs, but I noticed some people taking the elevator. Normally people never think about this, but of course I did.
The staircase at my job is about 13 steps, no big deal, and a pretty easy trek to get to the next floor. But, I wondered why those people on the elevator couldn’t just take the stairs?
Was it laziness? Was it avoiding hardship? I started to compare the two different ways of us getting to the next level of a building to how it can relate to us getting to the next level in our lives.
Life is always throwing a curve ball, and sometimes we end up striking out or hitting a homerun. The important thing to remember here is that we learn from our strike outs and go up to bat again.
Behind the scenes we practice our swing until it’s almost perfect. You can’t just skip all the practice and expect to hit a homerun, right?
It’s kind of like those people skipping the stairs and settling for the elevator. They think they can handle everything life throws at them without daily practice. Now, what happens if that elevator breaks down one day? They have to take the stairs.
Without ever taking the stairs before they start to perspire and their knees start to weaken. They start to worry if they’re going to make it and some might even have to rest in between.
If they had prepared properly, climbing the stairs at least once a week, they would never be in this tiring, sweaty, and painful situation. Their body would be trained for this particular predicament.
So it raises the question, what kind of man are you a stair man or an elevator man?

At Work

Put yourself in the same situation at work as the elevator man.
This is the kind of man who somehow made his way to the top without doing any work at all or maybe he had some connection on the inside who backed him up. He basically cheated to get to his position.
There happens to be a terrible situation at work that he said he can help correct, but realistically he has no idea what he is talking about. He ends up making things worse than they already are.
Now, he’s worrying about losing his job because he lied about his experience. But, have no fear because most of the time the staircase man is always there.
The staircase man has seen this problem before because he had to work hard to get to his position, sometimes even taking his work home with him at night. He’s been practicing. He’s ready to go, accesses the problem, and fixes it.
The company is so happy with the staircase man’s work that they give him a promotion. Things can’t look good for the elevator man who rode his way to the top on someone else’s rope.

At the Gym

People try to cheat themselves out of a good workout routine all the time. I’ve seen it as a personal trainer when I used to work for New York Sports Club.
People would come in for a week, see a little bit of change in their bodies, and would go back to their unhealthy lifestyle of not working off all the food they ate.
Come New Year’s Day they have a resolution to work out again but they do same thing.
Understand that achieving the body you want comes with hard work and not from using steroids or some diet pill. The people who cheat most of the time end up with some medical condition or regaining the weight.
Trying to skip levels is dangerous and some people even end up getting hurt. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and gradually get yourself to the top.

In a Relationship

Taking it nice, slow, and steady always triumphs over rushing into a relationship with someone else. We all want to see our relationships succeed but it takes time to get there.
Even when we think it is succeeding there is always another set of stairs around the corner that we have to climb.
Being in a relationship is not a straight shot to the top it is a slow and gradual process. Learning about your partner can’t happen overnight and if it does you might find yourself trapped with someone you don’t like.
That floor you skipped taking the elevator in your relationship could’ve been a game-changer. It could’ve been a deciding factor on whether you saw yourself with that person for basically the rest of your life.
Take the stairs and find out what’s on every floor and behind every door.

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