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Women On The Street Answer How Often They Go Out Looking To Hook Up

Women On The Street Answer How Often They Go Out Looking To Hook Up

Do you really know what’s going through that one girl’s mind when she sees you at the bar? The TSM Street Team is back at it again with their hard-hitting, peerless investigations into what you in the crew really need to know.
From whether your lift game matters more than your ability to think, to whether you engage in masturbation, we bring you the most critical analysis, and in today’s video we ask what are the expectations women have when they go out.
Surprisingly enough, women do have a pretty unified opinion on how they tackle the wild ride of nightlife.
Despite some women not actively seeking a quick partner to engage with, the  majority of women that were interviewed were generally positive on what they wanted at the end of the night, with a clear intention to hook up with the right person.
One woman charismatically replied,

“75 percent of the time I’m trying to smooch… I’m going to hook up 25 percent of that 75 percent.”

Even more interestingly, the women we interviewed’s intentions at the end of a night, and the limitations on that late night text, with some responses firmly putting a hard timeline on when that text should occur.
There were a whole bunch of great insights that the team was able to get on our excursion out into the night but what do you guys in the crew think?
Have any insights into the patterns women have when going out? Let us know and keep it locked to the TSM street team for more amazing videos.

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