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Do Girls Care If Guys Masturbate? Women Share Their Honest Opinions

Do Girls Care If Guys Masturbate? Women Share Their Honest Opinions

How do you feel about masturbation? We’ve discussed in depth with many of you in the crew about embracing male sexuality, how porn can affect your sex life, and how we engage with our significant others, but we haven’t explored the importance that self-pleasuring has in relationships.
The TSM Street Team is back at again with the most hard-hitting journalism and investigations into our daily social lives.
In this latest video, we ask the public about the act of masturbation, and women’s opinion on when their significant other engages in such activity.
Surprisingly enough, across the board of the women we got opinions from, the majority of women felt that ‘chopping wood’ was a normal form of release that men could do.
Other responses varied from some women feeling uncomfortable with men slappin’ ham, to flat out confusion when the alternative is more appealing. One woman replied,

“I wouldn’t care unless it interfered with our sex life… If he were saying no to when I wanted to have sex then that would be an issue, but like he’s not.”

While another woman told a tale of an example of how masturbation has influenced her relationship with her boyfriend saying,

“I’d be like ‘oh babe, we haven’t had sex for five days, you good? or did you take care of the situation?’ And he’s like ‘Oh in the shower.’ – Uh Excuse me? Don’t cheat on me with you!”

Generally, women prefer to be the object of attention sexually in their relationships and don’t want to be edged out by men pleasuring themselves.
How does the crew feel about this? Let us know and keep it locked for more videos by us at the TSM street team for impactful answers to all your questions.

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