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New Military Night Vision Cameras Give Provides Color Technology (Video)

New Military Night Vision Cameras Give Provides Color Technology (Video)

Night vision cameras are a vital part of any security operation, no matter what the task at hand.

Whether it’s your average police force, a large-scale military apparatus, or just your average home security camera, having a night vision option will increase the scope of your surveillance.

But night vision often has its flaws. The technology is often far from perfect and you end up getting distorted or inconsistent images. In these cases, night vision might actually be making your security worse.

This has driven Las Vegas-based company SPI, which provides law enforcement and the military with high-grade technologies, to create the X27, a night vision sensor that is designed to offer the most advanced and exact nighttime images in the industry.

SPI, or Sierra Pacific Industries, describes their company as a leader in the security apparatus industry. The company, according to their website,

“has been manufacturing thermal imaging solutions for over 15 years. We are the industry leader in the United States supplying the high-demand, high-situational awareness tools for law enforcement, border patrol, and the military. Our products are battle tested and we stand behind our work, offering full support and repair for our infrared technology. We offer thermal solutions for both personal and commercial use, and are a hog hunter’s best friend when it comes to hunting feral hogs in the dark.”

The X27 product is a perfect example of SPI’s unequaled technological vision (no pun intended), the sensor is able to render daytime-like images in the dark of night. This kind of technology simply hasn’t been on offer, and this product could change the face of surveillance forever.

Obviously it seems like the X27 is best-suited for the military. A sensor this powerful probably shouldn’t just be available to anyone, but SPI doesn’t necessarily see it that way.

As their mission statement reflects, they want their products to help everyone from “law enforcement, border patrol, and the military” to hog hunters “hunting feral hogs in the dark”.

We shall see if the X27 starts popping up in backyards everywhere, until then check out some of the video demonstrations.

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  • TT335i

    National Geographic demonstrated a new night vision camera that “sees” and shows color. They created a nature documentary using that technology, and it was truly amazing. It is very expensive, as all new technology is. However, consumer cost comes down if and when a technology becomes adopted by a broader level of consumer. Cameras that can record visible images with no ambient light were ultra expensive and had limited consumers due to the very high cost. Now, nearly anyone can purchase a video camera that can record excellent black and white HD images in near complete darkness, and the price is under $500.

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