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Your Friends Matter: Why You Need To Choose Your Wingman Carefully

Your Friends Matter: Why You Need To Choose Your Wingman Carefully

BY Staff

Your Friends Matter: Why You Need To Choose Your Wingman Carefully

No one likes gaming alone. It’s a fact. You can meet girls flying solo, but it’s usually way more efficient, (not to mention fun) when you have a good crew of friends with you.
If the goal is to be successful, all of you should be on the same page, and the reason for being out should focus on game.
The people you bring along with you don’t always have to be your close friends or even people you hang out with in any other setting.
It helps to get along with them and have a good vibe going, but the real priority is that they won’t slow you down, or make things more difficult when you’re talking to a chick.
Just because you’ve been boys with a guy from your hometown since you were both sixteen, doesn’t mean he’d make a great addition to your merry band of Casanovas.
Essentially, you should divide your friend groups into two categories: gaming and non-gaming.
It sounds a little too serious, but trying to rectify catching up with an old buddy and meeting women doesn’t always work out. You can do one at a time, but not both.
The reason is pretty straightforward.
If you’re out having a couple of beers with a friend that you haven’t seen in a while, then it makes it very hard to switch back and forth between hanging out with him and making approaches.
A successful night of game only happens when meeting girls is a priority and the company you keep should bear that in mind.
Too often guys go out and try to combine getting wasted and acting recklessly just for the hell of it, with meeting and seducing women.
No one is saying one night is necessarily better than the other—there are a time and place for both—but on a night out, you can’t have it all.
Game takes focus, prioritization and sometimes isn’t as carefree as a night of drinking with your friends.
That is, if you want to come home with a phone number or an actual girl on your arm.
It actually makes more sense to start things off low key, and then only create a party vibe if the girls you meet want things to go that way.
In short, everything you do should be centered around improving your skills and maximizing your success that night.
This is why it’s actually better for your group of wings to be separate from your other friends.
They understand the reason for getting dressed and paying a fifteen dollar cover at a club; it’s not to stand around drinking and shooting the shit. It’s to get laid!
Guys that see social gatherings as an opportunity to meet women know the difference between a relaxed night where approaching isn’t that important and a night where the energy is so high that you approach every girl in the venue.
The thing most guys don’t want to admit is that game is fun, but it’s also work. Getting a girl you don’t know interested in you is a process that takes thought, action, and self-control.
Because of this, cold approach, for some, can seem like it isn’t as much fun as just getting wasted.
There’s nothing worse than going out with a big group, and slowly finding out throughout the night that they just can’t hack it in a cold approach situation.
Sometimes guys just freeze up, and other times they get intimidated and give up early.
They even will latch onto you while you approach and stand close by creepily while you try to start a conversation with a girl because they don’t know what else to do.
You can’t vet every person you go out with, but it’s always better to go out with a group that knows what they’re doing and came out to do it.
It’ll raise your social value, make your night more efficient, and will also give you all a sense of camaraderie when you pull a number or snag a make-out.
Your social circle is one of the first things a girl will judge you on.
If someone you bring along is getting way too drunk or says awkward weird things to the girls you meet, it’ll reflect poorly on you.
Being picky about who you go out with is inherently selfish, but if you’re really struggling with meeting girls and need a support system, you have to choose carefully.
You may leave your place at night with the best intentions and have a killer mindset, but if there are any weak links it’ll all go to waste.
Try and budget your time so that you have a night for your non-gaming friends and for your group of wings.
The important thing is to explain to the friends that maybe don’t really understand what game is why you’re doing it, and why it’s not the same thing as just hanging out at a bar.
They’ll respect you for it, and maybe even ask to join in if they get the sense they might benefit from learning a thing or two.
This is totally fine (it’s always good to have a big group), but you should make sure that they understand the terms of a night out approaching.
Tell them it’ll be different, high energy, and there will be a goal involved other than just getting hammered. Just be sure that they don’t slow you down.
Just because someone is your friend doesn’t mean that they’re going to make a good wing, but it’s worth a try. Who knows, one of your buddies might be a natural and not even know it.
The point is to be able to separate your other life from your game life.
It’ll help you in the long run, and actually, give you more time to spend with the people in your life who aren’t into cold approach pick up.
It may be a little self-centered but when it comes to your dating life sometimes you have to put yourself first.
Get as good as you possibly can and later on, when your friends see the skill you have, they’ll be begging to come out on your next adventure.

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