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Here’s How Long It Takes To Get In Shape According To An Exercise Scientist

Here’s How Long It Takes To Get In Shape According To An Exercise Scientist

Let’s say you have a wedding or a high school reunion to go to and you would like to show up looking your best.
I mean you gotta show up looking like the winner right? But how long does it take for you to get in tip top shape?
Shawn Arent, a director of the center for health and human performance at Rutgers university and a fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine shares some key insights.
Named appropriately as the “Exercise Scientist” Shawn says that you should target AT LEAST 12 to 16 weeks.
Arent says that you can get in shape faster of course, but you probably have the best chance of staying in shape and keeping it on with a longer schedule. In a recent interview with Business Insider Arent explains,

“You should target at least 12 to 16 weeks out, from a time point standpoint that short period of time where you can make the most progress and not only that but have the best chance of keeping it off the majority of it off once the 16 weeks go by.”

Arent warns that 6 to 8 weeks is a dangerous approach that can work, but a process you shouldn’t take.

“4 weeks to 8 weeks is kinda short, can It be done? Of course, it can, but don’t take these extreme approaches to do it, cause then you’re just going to rebound when it’s all done.”

He continues,

“The most important lesson in all of it, if you’re trying to gear up for a specific event or a specific look, you want to achieve- you may be at your peak at that time but give yourself at least 12 to 16 weeks to at least try to dial it in as best as possible and the longer the better.”

It does pay to take your time with your workouts, as faster isn’t always better.
Consistency and routine are the keys that will help you maintain the weight loss.

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