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Why Jackie Chan Being Reunited With His Stunt Team Is So Inspiring

Why Jackie Chan Being Reunited With His Stunt Team Is So Inspiring

To be part of the Jackie Chan stunt team, you must possess extraordinary skills. You must also show loyalty and dedication if you plan on sticking around, but that is no surprise-we’re talking about some badass dudes, on and off screen.
It’s been decades since Jackie has seen his original stunt team, until now. The men in this video sacrificed their lives in order to gain their titles, and were there from the very beginning of his rise to fame.
Watch how Jackie Chan reacts after finding out they were behind him above.
The legend himself reminds us of a few valuable lessons that everyone should acknowledge on their way to the top:

Mastering your craft

Everyone wants to be the best, but most people aren’t willing to put in the work. Whether you believe in the 10,000 hour rule or not, there’s no question that it takes effort. Lots of it.
While we may have hobbies that we regularly enjoy, it’s important to focus on one objective and strive towards it every day. Be sure that every day is a productive day.

Don’t be discouraged

What we often see is the final product and not the journey it takes on getting there. It feels impossible to find motivation at times, and so often we become discouraged. Expect it.
In order to find success, you must face failure. There will be bumps on the road, but getting past them makes everything well worth it.

Do good

There is no better reward than the feeling of doing good to others. People don’t forget that time you helped them out with something.
Unfortunately, we lose contact with some as we focus on our own journeys. It inevitable, but the people who do good leave you with something for a lifetime.

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