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Women Weigh In On Their Biggest Turn Offs In The Bedroom (Video)

Women Weigh In On Their Biggest Turn Offs In The Bedroom (Video)

Have you ever made it to the bedroom with your lady, and everything is seemingly going well, and then all of a sudden without notice she’s no longer interested.

That’s why we’ve hit the streets and asked women about their biggest turn offs.

For a majority woman, bad hygiene is often the biggest turn-off. In this Social Man street team video above, these women got candid about their opinions. One even said,

“If he’s got a stinky, stinky d*ck, stinky breath all a turn-off. “

One woman speaks about men farting in bed. When asked about her turnoffs she responded with one word “farts”.  Enough said.

Another woman speaks of the men she’s been with in the past, who have lied about their measurements before the first unveiling saying,

“He was like hey, it’s this big, and it wasn’t. Don’t lie to me, It’s like I’m going to find out anyway because that’s going to tell me what you’re going to be like in the future.”

That’s right, even trivial lies mean much more to a woman, there’s no such thing as a small lie.

Lies are a greater look into something deeper. If she can’t trust you with the small stuff, you better believe that she won’t trust you with the big either.

A woman who can’t trust a man is not going to find sexual attraction to him either so that can be the ultimate turn off.

When asked about the usage of penis pics, every woman seemed to all come to a general consensus.


It’s not the turn on you think it is for a woman. As men, we believe that sending unsolicited pictures of our junk is the turn on that women seek because that’s what we like, but sadly we’re very wrong.

One woman states that it’s almost never an appropriate time to send out a dick pic. Another woman stated,

“It’s never okay for a guy to send a dick pic; unless of course, we’re asking for it, I don’t even think we’re asking for it.”

Drop these habits it may mean the difference between successful nights and a lonely ones.

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  • B.D.

    Knew that. So where is the article on what to send?

  • Ruth Napier

    Article is right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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