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6 Things Every Woman Is Looking For In The First 5 Minutes Of A Date

6 Things Every Woman Is Looking For In The First 5 Minutes Of A Date

BY Staff

6 Things Every Woman Is Looking For In The First 5 Minutes Of A Date

Most women typically know within the first 5 minutes, if there will be a second date.
A mature, self-aware woman already knows what she is looking for. These tips might appear at first to be trivial, but they contain hidden gems that help to show her what she might be in store for on a deeper level.
A woman’s sensitivity will allow her to sit through dinner, entertain your sour sense of humor to avoid hurting your feelings. Make no mistake, she has already learned a great deal about you, and has likely arrived at a verdict all within the first 5 minutes.
While your jaw is still stuck in the down position, obsessing over how beautiful she might be, she has already taken inventory of what she ascertains to be ‘second date material’. A woman’s eye catches magnificent detail in splendid color and high definition.
In the cover of darkness, she will notice the discoloration on your ring finger where your wedding ring should be.
When she smiles brightly, she might genuinely be happy to see you or she is hoping you will respond in kind so she can see your teeth and inspect your gums. Gentleman, there is nothing causal or lackluster about this first evening.
A woman is a masterful creation, full of wisdom and keen awareness. She is not to be taken lightly, without preparation or precaution. If she is truly the one?
Do not assume that she will naturally embrace your inclination as her own.
A woman’s heart is to be earned, and if you dare enter in this arena, please know what within 5 minutes, most women have already noticed:

Were you on time

Never keep a beautiful woman waiting. Looking beautiful requires effort, and sometimes can be a painful sacrifice for a woman.
Comfort is the least of their concerns. Those heels feel like they look, that dress is a little snug, and the coat she is wearing is not warm because the warm coat doesn’t match her hair, or make up and it covers up her dress.
Part of being on time is being prepared. Make sure you made reservations at your place or venue. Make sure the gas tank is full, because she has already noticed the moment she got in the car.
Remember, she spent the day preparing for you so there’s no excuse for you to not have done the same.

Notice how beautiful she is but don’t undress her with your eyes

Compliment her, tell her how beautiful she looks and move on. She spent her entire Saturday getting ready for you.
Several hours spent at the hair salon, followed by a manicure and a pedicure certainly warrants a respectfully generous compliment.
Any more than that, you have just told her you don’t respect her and you only want one thing.

Make sure your appearance and attire are on point

ZZ Top said it best, “every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man.” A sharp dressed man says without actually saying…” I got this.”
Your appearance shows effort, sexuality, creativity, success, and confidence. If you don’t have an iron at home, buy one and use it. Brush your teeth and floss, and use mouthwash.
Don’t chew gum as you will need to discard at some point and she will notice where you place it. Be neatly groomed, shave, and get a haircut because she will notice.
Wear just a splash of cologne. If you can find it at Walgreen’s, don’t buy it. The cologne you wear helps to describe your personality. How much you wear determines whether you are a man, or a boy playing dress up.
Wearing a watch shows organization, attention to detail, and that you’re serious and career-oriented.
Dab the corner of your eyes, snip those nose hairs, and above all, get a manicure. She will be impressed with a man who takes care of himself.

While this is 2017, and women are our equals

A woman likes to feel safe, secure and sophisticated. Park your car, walk to the door, and pick her up.
This is a woman, who was once someone’s little girl and she understands her worth.
Reach for her hand when walking her down the stairs, as she probably has on heels, and open the car door for her, wait for her to get comfortable, and gently close it behind her.
A good woman will appreciate your manners.

Be courteous and listen

Always assume she wants to talk. Turn the radio down and ask her questions about her day, what her interests are, and what she does for a living.
While this might be a stretch, pay attention to what she is saying and respond accordingly.
The modern woman has dreams, ambitions, and career goals. It’s like a school, if you listen she will tell you will pick up on the important things; everything she likes and doesn’t like.
She also wants to know about you, but don’t dominate the conversation.
Avoid crude and tawdry language. If she wants to hear music, ask her what she wants to listen to. Notice if she is too cold, or too warm. If you aren’t sure, ask her.

Stand up for her

If you have anger or road rage issues, tonight is not the night; however, if when you arrive at the restaurant and some clumsy drunk leaving the restaurant bumps into her, you’d better speak up.
Ever wonder why women like bad boys? Because bad boys make them feel safe.
If someone jumps out of a dark alley, she needs to know you can protect her without her having to protect you.

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