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Time To Look In The Mirror: The Ugly Truth About Why Women Are Awful

Time To Look In The Mirror: The Ugly Truth About Why Women Are Awful

BY Christian Hudson

Time To Look In The Mirror: The Ugly Truth About Why Women Are Awful

Women are AWFUL!

There were a lot of times that I felt that way. I felt like giving up on any sort of future with a woman. And there are a growing number of men who feel that way.

These men are frustrated. Some of them are angry. Maybe you’re one of these men. Or maybe you’re just confused as fuck. What do women want, and why do they act the way they do?

Why do they go for jerks and assholes?

Why do they flake and ghost?

Why do they cheat?

When women do these terrible things to men, there has to be a reason… right?

Society Is Rigged!!

There has to be something awful about women… and something completely fucked up about this society that enables this behavior… right?

I mean, why do men still have to pay for dates?

Why are we the ones who have to spend two months salary on a wedding ring?

Nowadays we live in a society of entitled, spoiled women who don’t know how to respect men!

At least, that’s how it feels to a lot of guys.

But There’s A More Insidious Problem

And if you feel this way, then let me let you in on the ugly truth about why women are so awful: It’s because of you.

It’s because of the poison and confusion in your own mind.

But what about that woman who hurt you? The one who fucked you over and took half of your money and cheated on you with your best friend?

And what about all these entitled girls who only go for good looking guys with money, and leave them as soon as a bigger better deal comes along?

I won’t argue with you that there are some truly terrible women out there.

Maybe your ex is one of them. Maybe your last crush is one of them.

My first girlfriend cheated on me with multiple guys, including my roommate.

Another girlfriend forgot about my birthday.

And then there was the girlfriend who dumped me right after my startup failed. I was $100,000 in debt, and she didn’t want to wait around for me to get my finances together. That one really hurt… especially when I ran into her the next weekend, at one of our favorite clubs, dancing up close with a guy who I thought was my friend.

This Is How It Starts

So this is how it starts… with pain.

Then the pain becomes a poison of the mind. And the deeper it hurts, the further it spreads.

If it happens to you more than once, you start to develop this poisonous belief: it’s all women. There’s something wrong with them. Something about women that causes hurt and pain.

And you start looking for evidence to confirm this belief. Maybe you hear horror stories from other men. Maybe you see what’s going on in the many neo-Marxist Women’s Studies departments across the country, and all of the hostile, anti-man rhetoric that seems to be a feature of the media these days.

Or maybe when you go out to the bar, summon up all of your courage, and fucking put yourself out there… a woman has the NERVE to act disinterested. And clearly, her disinterest for you is a character flaw… it’s just fucking rudeness and bitchiness!

It has to be that… it’s definitely not you. It’s not the fact that she’s not feeling social. It’s not that she already has a man in her life. And it’s definitely not that she’s not mature enough to know how to gracefully let a guy down. Nope… it’s just something in women that makes them all bitches.

“Jeez, I come here, get dressed up all nice-like, put my heart on the line and I make a fool of myself. Oh, boy. Aw, I’m gonna start bawling here.”

This “confirming evidence” adds up. It becomes cognitive bias.

And the poison spreads. And you become weaker.

The Pain Becomes Weakness, Masquerading As Strength

Because if you’ve been hurt, it’s often easier to live with a poisonous belief… even if it’s killing you and all the happiness in your life… than it is to look deeper in yourself.

When I looked back at my first relationship with clear eyes, I realized that I was a jealous, insecure motherfucker, who hung onto the wrong girl for far too long, because I was afraid of being without her.

When I looked back on the girlfriend who forgot about my birthday, I realized that I was directionless, lost… a boy who was dating a woman who was living in a man’s world… and that she was way more important to me than I was to her.

When I looked back on the girlfriend who dumped me after my startup failed, I realized that I’d put her looks and our social life above her character… that there were so many fucked up things about her that I didn’t want to see.

None of these women were models of character… but neither was I.

I was a model of nothing… not of character, confidence, judgment, success… none of it.

I was pissed. But rather than let the poison seep into my mind, I was determined to become stronger. To understand women, and more importantly, myself.

Because this life is too damn short to spend it angry.

It’s too short to miss out on all of the amazing women out there.

And the moment you start believing that amazing women exist, you start to find them.

I’ve spent over ten years helping men become emotionally stronger, smarter about women, and more capable of having awesome relationships.

I’ve received thousands of messages from guys who’ve found love, and great times, and happiness… because they used their setbacks as an opportunity to grow and get stronger.

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Christian Hudson


CEO of The Hero Company, and publisher of The Social Man. Loves to surf, snowboard, climb mountains, and photograph the world. Connect with Christian on facebook, instagram, and his personal website.

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  • Craig Godfrey

    Patience is critical. I don’t look for 9’s or 10’s anymore because it’s a strategy based on looks. I’m happy to wait for an 11 or a 12 and it will happen as you attract women that symbolise your current place in the world…

  • Prince Emeka Angel

    Great work sir….. I have a blog and I will want to be sharing your post there…….

    • JCH

      Great man, thank you!!!

  • Dale

    Well said! Loved it!! Thank you for going straight to the root of what seemed to be a dark room with no doors scenario. By sharing the light the doors are starting to come into focus LOL

  • LOVE this post brother. I talk to a lot of men about this, and it seems that there are men who experience every woman as horrible and mentally deranged, and men who absolutely NEVER have the experience with women, who have great female friends and healthy relationships with their ex-girlfriends who they speak well of, and usually have an amazing woman in their life. Now how can that be? Are these men living in different worlds? Or do they themselves bring out the best or worst in a woman? Or perhaps sorting and attracting for the broken women.

    To be fare to the men, I have the same exact experience talking to the women– those that keep ending up with heartless users and douche-bags that reassure them that everything is okay and then give them herpes, and those that always end up with great guys.

    And if only I had a nickel for every time I had to have this conversation: “When you go out to the bar, you take a woman’s disinterest in you as a character flaw”

    Bravo, sir.

  • Thanks for this article Christian. Both sexes are very frustrated. I agree with this: “And the moment you start believing that amazing women exist, you start to find them.”
    It is so difficult to date because people have too many unrealistic expectations. I am happy to report that I am douchebag averse and have enough self respect to seek kind, intelligent men.

  • arch

    “neo-Marxist Women’s Studies?” LOL. Marxism is a school of economics, posting such nonsense just shows ignorance, and is a right wing delusion.

  • TheMechanic

    To read something. That you intuitively knew, but never said it out loud. It is OVERWHELMING!!! thank you christian.

    “I realized that I’d put her looks a lot of importance… that there were so many fucked up things about her that I didn’t want to see.”

    She was an extremely hot model! I learn a lot from of pickup artists for years, until I got her… she was my sucess!! I did not wanted it to end….. but her mind and soul were truly fucked up!!

  • Scott B

    Great article. I have studied this a lot over the years. I’m divorced and my ex wife was terrible. But, everything done to me by a woman, I LET THEM DO TO ME. This is the problem. I was taught to respect women no matter what. “A woman hits you, don’t hit her back.”, “If mama aint happy, aint nobody happy.” “The man should always pay.” So on and so forth. Men need to stand up and say NO. You are not obligated to man up. Your happiness, as a man, is your primary responsibility. You don’t owe anyone anything…especially marriage and kids. But, if you find someone you truly love and DECIDE to sacrifice your freedom for marriage and children then you must put everything you have into that. But, it is also okay to just be single and date and never commit to anyone. This is YOUR life. Do what is right for you and don’t let society tell you a damn thing.

  • Jeremy

    Hey Christian. This is me your talking about. 3 decade’s of being hurt by women. My mind is so poisoned towards them and it’s what I want most. Crazy thing is I attract all the beautiful women but I give none the time of day because I believe their all going to hurt me. I need help. Everytime I strive to put myself out there, women prove to still be the same.

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