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Do’s And Don’ts: Women Explain The Best And Worst First Date Moves

Do’s And Don’ts: Women Explain The Best And Worst First Date Moves

First dates can get awkward. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 13-year-old on your first date or a 35-year-old man trying to get back into the dating game, one thing you can’t escape is the trickiness of a first date.
I mean look at it this way, you and your date have a mutual interest of one another but would like to see if there is potential before moving forward to the next step, a relationship.
The Social Man team recently took to the streets of L.A. to ask women about their experiences with first dates, their favorite locations, least favorite date ideas, etc.
We heard a variety of answers, but one thing that remained the same was the connection they felt with the person they were with on that date.
One young lady explained to us what her ideal great first date was and the answer might surprise you.

“He picked me up in the car, and we got in and out burger and it was pouring rain and we sat on the side of the road and ate.” She continued, “And it was great because it was with the right person.”

That’s right, it wasn’t anything extravagant, it was more about the connection she felt with him that day.
The first date is like an interview. Of course, you want the girl or you wouldn’t waste your time at the interview.
So I’m going to let you in on a few things that could possibly help you get the job.

Take her somewhere where you can be isolated

Where you both go, shouldn’t matter too much (within reason), as long as you both are talking.
The absolute worst place to take someone you’re essentially trying to get to know is the movies. How are you going to get to know her if you both are in a place where you can’t talk?
Take her somewhere where you can really talk it out and get to know each other.
Sure the movies are good for a fourth date or some other time where you have already established a rapport but not when you’re getting to know her.

Talk to her

So you’re nervous and you don’t really know how to start the conversation off.
What I can tell you about the first date, is that she is also at the table with someone she’s interested in but knows very little about; she’s nervous too! Once you realize that she’s just as nervous as you are you can relax a little bit.
The entire purpose at this date is to get to know her, it’s not to get her home that night. Remember that. Don’t make it all about you.
Don’t waste this time bragging about yourself, it comes off as arrogant and self-centered, not exactly attractive traits. Instead, ask her questions about her. Favorite tv shows, the music she’s listening, the food she likes.
Try to listen more than talk.
This is also especially effective because you may get an insight on things about her that may help you in your relationship in the future. Gift giving ideas, surprises, memories, etc.

Have fun

This is the most important one. You should always have fun.
Remember this is an interview, and no one want’s to be with someone is boring or takes themselves way too seriously.
Keep it light and fun and don’t force the date in a direction that you want it to go. Instead, focus on having a great time getting to know her and prepare for that second interview.

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