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Sex Is Best On Sunday Mornings According To New Study

Sex Is Best On Sunday Mornings According To New Study

BY Staff

Sex Is Best On Sunday Mornings According To New Study

Conventional wisdom and popular belief would suggest that on Sunday mornings the majority of people are getting ready for church, right? Wrong.
According to a new study, out of all the days of the week, many couples agree that 9 a.m. on Sunday is the perfect time to get it on. Figure that.

While Tuesday at 9 pm is the least desirable opportunity for intimacy, according to a survey of 2,000 adults

Saturdays before noon and before bedtime came out on top as the most popular time, accounting for three of the top fives days to have sex overall, but responders found Sunday to be the most ideal.
On the seventh day God rested, but apparently, America finds that the best time to get busy.
Morning sex also has health benefits.
Research has shown that morning sex acts similarly to a daily vitamin, strengthening your immune system by boosting levels of IgA, an antibody that protects your body against infection.
On top of fending off sickness, those who elect to have sex also experience a closer bond with their significant other throughout the day due to oxytocin flooding the brain.
Just in case you’re still having trouble convincing her to get one in before worship service,  morning sex helps men last longer in bed than they normally would, as a man’s testosterone levels are highest at the beginning of the day because sleep reenergizes men’s drive.
And if men’s morning wood didn’t give it away, men are also found to be horniest in the morning and less likely to fall victim to premature ejaculation. Due to the abundance of energy, it lends itself to both a better and longer-lasting lay.

Previous research from 2014 – conducted by – also suggests we desire sex far more in the summer.

So if you’re used to attending that nine a.m service, you might should try hitting the 11 o’ clock. For health reasons of course.

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