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The Toxic Belief That Kills Your Relationship With Women (Video)

The Toxic Belief That Kills Your Relationship With Women (Video)

If you, like myself, have watched a lot of pickup videos you’ve seen the way these “pickup artists” speak about women.
Women are more like a nation of people from a warring country. ‘Things’ to be ‘conquered’ instead of real people with feelings.
As Christian Hudson puts it, these guys aren’t real men.

“A lot of these alpha douchey dudes that you see are boys pretending to be men, they don’t understand women, they don’t particularly like women, their whole attitude is how do I get something from a woman.”

This attitude can be disastrous to any potential relationship before it even gets to that level.
Chris addresses this in the video saying,

“If you listen to these guys too much, you start thinking that fast sex with a lot of women is the most masculine alpha thing that you can do.”

I’m here to tell you that it isn’t. Women can smell bullshit from a mile away.
They are expert lie detectors because they don’t actually believe what’s exactly coming out of your mouth, they believe in intuition.
They go after vibes, they listen to actions, and non-verbal cues. These pickup ‘artists’ will say different.

“So they’ll tell you that you need to escalate with her, you should be pushing for sex as fast as possible. It’s more about conquering her.”

It comes off like this to women as well, which can be an extreme turnoff for her, not only that but it’s the worst way to find a long-term partner.

“When a guy’s sense of self-worth comes from his ability to have sex with a lot of women, he’s never going to end up with the sort of woman that he really want’s. The only women who respond well to this type of guy have low self-esteem. “

Not only that but this process of approaching women is rooted in selfishness and bad intentions.

“These guys are holding themselves back, because the root of this belief is selfish, and no guy is going to be able to be his best self when his deepest truth is selfish.”

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