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What To Do When A Woman Is Throwing You Off (Video)

What To Do When A Woman Is Throwing You Off (Video)

Have you ever met those guys who seemingly lose it all when they get into a relationship, or when they start hooking up with a new woman? Perhaps you are that guy.
You start dating a new woman, and you get so lost and entrenched in her and your relationship that any factor change in the relationship can change your mood… dramatically.
What do you do?
What do you tell your friend?
You keep it cool and focus on yourself,  at least that’s what the Social Man himself claims.

“When I was younger, women turned me upside down,” he goes on. “I’d break all of my boundaries and become so emotionally invested in her that nothing else mattered. I’d be happy if she was talking to me and depressed if she wasn’t.”

What are pillars of strength?
The pillars of strength vary between everyone.
The pillars are other things in your life that matter to you. The things that keep you focused, the things that keep you happy, the things that keep you grounded and focused.
Remind yourself of the things you love.

“When you have more options, and you have other things that matter to you, you don’t let yourself get thrown off by a woman.”

You won’t allow yourself to be turned upside down when a woman ignores your texts, or doesn’t call you for days.

“You don’t let her”f*ck with the things that existed before her, and you don’t give it up for her because you know for the right woman, you’re not going to have to sacrifice the things that matter to you most.”

These feelings are not all bad, as Christian offers. The fact that a woman makes you feel that way is a special thing.

“It’s a good sign when a woman is throwing you off. It means she’s become someone special to you, It means there can be amazing things in store for the both of you.”

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