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Let The Light In: Study Finds The Natural Cure To Low Male Libido


Let The Light In: Study Finds The Natural Cure To Low Male Libido

It is natural for men to lose some of their sex drive as they get older, it’s just another aspect of aging. There is hope, however, as researchers in Italy may have found a natural, and quite simple, cure for a decrease in sex drive.
Led by head researcher Andrea Fagiolini, the experiment took 38 men who were being treated for hypoactive sexual desire disorder or sexual arousal disorder-conditions that relate to a lack of interest in sex.
The details of the experiment are rather interesting. For half an hour in the morning, these men sat in front of a 10,000 lux light box.
After a couple weeks, the men who had sat in front of the light box saw an uptick in sexual desires. Professor Fagiolini on the study:

“We found fairly significant differences between those who received the active light treatment, and the controls. Before treatment, both groups averaged a sexual satisfaction score of around 2 out of 10, but after treatment the group exposed to the bright light was scoring sexual satisfaction scores of around 6.3 – a more than 3-fold increase on the scale we used. In contrast, the control group only showed an average score of around 2.7 after treatment”.

This all sounds like some sort of witch doctor treatment, but there is real science to back up the reason behind the more light=higher libido equation.

“The increased levels of testosterone explain the greater reported sexual satisfaction. In the Northern hemisphere, the body’s Testosterone production naturally declines from November through April, and then rises steadily through the spring and summer with a peak in October. You see the effect of this in reproductive rates, with the month of June showing the highest rate of conception. The use of the light box really mimics what nature does.”

So that seasonal sadness you get also has effects on your libido. You just don’t quite have the same desire in November-April as you do in those hot summer months.
It makes sense to treat libido issues with simple light therapy, especially as it is a much safer option than intense hormone or pharmaceutical treatment.
If light therapy is the answer for the masses of libido-deficient men, so be it! Let’s get some light boxes over here!

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