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How Binge Watching Shows Can Actually Be Lowering Your Sperm Count

How Binge Watching Shows Can Actually Be Lowering Your Sperm Count

BY Staff

How Binge Watching Shows Can Actually Be Lowering Your Sperm Count

I remember back when I was a kid, I would sit in front of the TV for hours until my mother forced me to get up and do something more productive.”You’re rotting your brain” she said.
Needless to say, I didn’t mind. I was caught up in some of my favorite shows. DragonBall Z, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Kenan & Kel, and All That just to name a few.
Waiting a week for a new episode seemed cruel and unfair but maybe it is best that it worked out that way.
The digital age has ushered in a new way of consuming television. No longer are we confined to time slots or waiting until the next week for a new episode of our favorite shows.
Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO are offering a new uninhibited way of digesting our favorite shows, sometimes in the unhealthiest of ways.
As I got older, I began to see what my mother was talking about, sitting in front of the TV was not good for me, but she may have been ahead of her time in her revelation.
A new study shows that binge watching TV can lower the count of your marching soldiers.
According to an article in Men’s Health citing a recent study by researchers in Denmark:

“Men who logged 5 or more hours of TV per day had 29 percent lower concentration and 34 percent lower sperm counts than men who didn’t watch any TV.”

Interestingly enough, that same study showed that men who spent the same amount of time browsing the web did not experience any drop in their semen count.
Researchers are not sure as to why that is but have guessed that complete inactivity may be to blame.

“Antioxidant enzymes sparked by physical activity can help protect your developing sperm cells against damage.”

Trust me, I know how hard it is not to use a ‘lazy day’ to binge watch all five seasons of The Wire or catching up on Game of Thrones.
Especially since access to these shows have never been easier, but maybe you should think back to what your parents used to tell you and get up, get out, and get active. Your future children will thank you for it.

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