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Nation Hides Sadness In Hilarious Obama And Biden Bromance Memes


Nation Hides Sadness In Hilarious Obama And Biden Bromance Memes

President Obama’s time in the White House is reaching its end, with January 20th the date of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.
The day when our country peacefully transfers power, like it has done for the last 228 years.
In the midst of the announcement of Donald Trump as America’s next president the internet has released a firestorm of hilarious memes depicting President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s Bromance.
It’s hilarious and yet it makes us sad knowing that soon this will soon be nostalgia.
Below are a few reasons President Obama and Vice President Biden are the internet’s new favorite power couple. Here are a few of our favorite posts.
1. We all want a relationship with someone who looks at us with the same passion as Biden does Obama.

2.  Friendship Bracelets are Forever

3. Now this is just a little clingy…

4. Obama and Biden vs everyone else.

5. Obama will always be President in our Eyes

6. A great bro always has your back

7. When your friend is trying to convince the girl he’s seeing to bring a friend for you.

8. Even former presidents can’t come in between the bromance.

9. “Can’t you see the Jet’s flying over you?”

10. When your bro doesn’t like someone you don’t either.

11. “We don’t need him, why don’t we do our own thing?”

12. Joe is not going to make the transition easy
. tumblr_ogkbyiS7km1ruvid1o1_1280

13. Set him up booby traps Kevin McCallister style

14. Joe and Obama = Batman and Robin

A photo posted by Textpert App (@textpert_app) on

15. Loserssayswhat

16. “How about that wall?”

17. “Let’s freak him out”


19. “PssyGrbbr45”

20. This last one say’s it all…
We’ll miss President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden as our leaders, and it’s hard to say what happens in the next four years, but we find comfort knowing that they’re with us through all of this.

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