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How To Keep Your Social Skills Sharp When You’re In A Committed Relationship

How To Keep Your Social Skills Sharp When You’re In A Committed Relationship

BY Staff

How To Keep Your Social Skills Sharp When You’re In A Committed Relationship

Okay, so all of your hard work has paid off.
You’ve been going out two or three nights a week, talking to tons of different girls and developing your social skills so that they are the best they can be.
Finally, you land yourself a girlfriend that makes all of your friends jealous, and you feel like, at least for the time being, your purpose for gaming has been realized.
In the beginning, the last thing you want to do is talk to other girls, because you feel completely fulfilled with what you’re getting from her.
The sex is good, she’s fun, she gets along with your family: it almost feels too good to be true.
Assuming there really is a strong connection, you should try and enjoy each other as much as possible.
Game is some of the most fun you’ll ever have, but being in love is pretty great too, so if it feels right, don’t be afraid to throw yourself in head first.
The question still remains though: can you be head over heels for some girl, and still maintain the strong, social skills you’ve developed before meeting her?
Should you even bother keeping up your ability to charm women when you’ve got one all to yourself? The answer is unequivocally, yes.
It’s perfectly acceptable, reasonable and prudent to continue going out and talking to people while in a relationship.
It’ll keep your life fulfilling, and will keep your relationship from getting stale.
A lot of people assume it’s blasphemous to even consider flirting or talking to another woman when you’re committed to someone else, but there is a fine line between being a fun, attractive guy and outright cheating on your girlfriend.
This is not an article arguing that a guy should ever cheat. It’s an article about how to keep your skills sharp, even when you’re in an exclusive relationship.
The biggest reason it pays to keep your game skills up is because it was probably the thing about you that your girlfriend found most attractive in the first place.
The entire reasons she’s with you is because you were the life of the party, and were able to charm her into wanting you. If you give all that up, things will get boring really fast.
It’s not the end of the world if she sees you talking to another girl, as along it is done respectfully and you continually reassure her that you’re crazy about her.
Relationships in which both parties feel like they can’t be social around other people usually tend to fail.
It takes a level of trust and comfort to be able to pull this off, and contrary to what some would believe will actually strengthen those bonds.
The next reason to keep your tools sharp is that you never know what’s going to happen. Relationships are unpredictable.
Things could be great on a Monday, and then by Friday, she might decide you’re not the guy for her anymore.
The last place you want to be is newly single without having talked to any other women for a year. It’s like getting fired from your job with no money saved—not a good situation.
No one wants to believe that their perfect relationship could end at any moment, and usually, there are some warning signs, but it still makes sense to be able to maintain the skills you need to find someone new if you need to.
Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, you won’t be successful if you don’t maintain the skills you developed before you met your girlfriend.
Love her with everything you have, but also be realistic and realize that one day you might have to start approaching again if things go sour.
There is no reason to feel guilty for having a guy’s night in which you wing a friend to get him laid.
Talk to girls, be charming and make them attracted, but just know when to stop. Get what you can out of the conversation, but stop when it comes time to escalate.
There is no reason to ask her for her phone number, or suggest seeing her again. Remember, this is just practice and your girlfriend is waiting for you.
There’s no need to jeopardize the relationship you have. Just keep talking and, if possible, help your single friends get laid.
It also helps to remember that the game never really ends with a girl even if you’re dating.
A good girlfriend is one who always wants to be seduced, romanced or charmed like it’s the first night you both met.
She’ll challenge you to maintain the same level of attractiveness you had when she met you. That is if she really does like you as much as you like her.
In reality, the only thing that should really change when you end up with a girlfriend is who you sleep with.
You can both have a healthy social life and even go to the bar together, as long as you both keep going home together at the end of the night.
It’s almost like a silent agreement, in which you’re both allowed to meet new people on a platonic level, and understand that there is a line that can’t be crossed.
In some ways, knowing that your significant other is wanted by so many other people, makes them more attractive.
If your girl knows that others girls are after you, but you keep choosing her, it’ll drive her insane with affection for you.
It’s a subtle way of telling her that she is the most important chick in your life, and she’ll always appreciate it. This goes both ways too.
When you’re dating a hot girl other guys are going to hit on her, but watching her turn them down so she can be with you can make you feel pretty damn special.
So, don’t be afraid to practice a little game here and there even if you’re shacked up with a great girl and don’t get jealous if she does too.
Maintaining that level of trust is something most couples can’t do, and will only bring you both closer in the long run.

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