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Why You Should Always See Yourself As A Commodity

Why You Should Always See Yourself As A Commodity

BY Staff

Why You Should Always See Yourself As A Commodity

To go after what you deserve you must know what you’re worth. It doesn’t matter what you set your sights on, you’ll never achieve or receive them unless you believe you are worthy of its possession.
This is why we should start seeing ourselves as a commodity. Start recognizing our strengths, valuing our differences, celebrating our assets, and then recognizing their value in the world around us.
Our society places a strong emphasis on modesty; and, maybe, that gentleness, for some of us, has developed into a mentality that now influences how we see ourselves. You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take, so it’s just a matter of believing you’re worth taking the shot.
This is the case with women, from the ones we go after to the ones we don’t. In business, selling yourself short on deals or not fully extending your potential, and in health. When you value your life and your body, you will invest in its betterment.
These are just three examples of the results that can happen the second you start seeing value in yourself. The patterns are consistent and it all stems from understanding why you’re worthy. So take from these and use accordingly.


The fact that there is such a thing as a “league” where there are certain women you aren’t qualified for, is a joke in itself. These nonexistent barriers were created by people who need someone to dictate what they deserved. Don’t let that be you.
Whether it’s the woman you want, the friends you’d like or even contemporaries in your career, you will only make the relationships you see yourself fitting in come to life.
When you see yourself as a commodity you will begin conducting yourself as such.
All of a sudden, there is no woman out of your league. If you’re awkward, you’ll begin seeing it as an advantage and it’ll no longer define you (besides, it’ll bring a different dynamic to the “coolest” of friend groups). And you’ll approach the peers in your perspective career with confidence because you’ll understand that you have the talent, too.
Also, when you start recognizing your worth, you won’t bother chasing every girl. Without being cocky, you will begin to understand that not every girl deserves you.
Not with your intellect, not with your hustle, not with your sacrifices. Not to mention, that exclusivity will make you attractive to a whole new realm of women.


It’s possible to understand supply and demand, economic trends and even the concept of commodity itself, yet fail to see it in oneself.
Whether you’re networking, applying for a job, requesting for a raise, or even looking over an offer, until you start seeing yourself as a commodity — as someone of value, someone who is certified to bring quality to the table — you will never advance to the places you desire to go.
When you are in the work field — especially as a freelance and entrepreneur, or even marketing yourself as a brand —  you must understand that there is value in the work you’ve done, where you’ve paid dues and why business with you will benefit others.
You’ll never be able to convince anyone to make a gamble on you unless you’re ready to make that gamble first.
Send that application, open that second location, turn down that offer, then watch how your life begins to change. It all comes down being certain in who you are because that is a currency that’s priceless.


While I understand that there are health problems some people face that unfortunately takes away the privilege of controlling your own weight, the fact remains that there are many who yield such privilege, yet do nothing with it simply because they fail to see value in personal health.
Being health conscious is nothing more than understanding that your body is a well-tuned machine that takes attention to detail. If you do not see your health as a commodity, you also relinquish your right to complain about back pain, knee problems and all the weight you want to lose.
The conundrum comes from not being intentional. If posed the question if one cared about the condition of their body and overall health, of course they would eagerly comply to stringent maintenance.
But in reality, our health is an afterthought. If you keep the idea of yourself — your body, health, and worth — as a commodity in the front of your mind at all times, you would do everything in your power to protect that asset. In this case, that comes with working out and eating healthy.
When you wake up in the morning, you must call to memory what makes you, you. Dwell on the guarantees you can put your name behind, the body you sculpted at the gym, the deal you closed last week, the positivity others need, and cash them in the bank before leaving your home.
When you recognize yourself as commodity others will begin to see you as one, too. The type of women you attract will be different, the way you conduct business will transform and you’ll even be healthier. It’s all about what you choose to value.
It’s always good to take a step and re-evaluate what we’re commodifying in our lives. And sometimes seeing the value in yourself requires self-reflection and alone time.
The second we discover the worth in ourselves it is our responsibly to protect it, to not compromise it for anything or in the face of anyone. When we maintain that promise, we will unlock much larger doors.

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