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You Only Get One Shot: How To Make A Great First Impression (Video)

You Only Get One Shot: How To Make A Great First Impression (Video)

As we all know first impressions mean EVERYTHING.
Mastering first impressions can make a huge difference in your day to day life.
It can mean the difference between getting a chance at a second date, or landing the job and being jobless.
It’s an extremely important, and an extremely versatile skill if you master it.
So, of course, you’re going to be nervous. Sweaty palms, increase of heart rate, butterflies in your stomach are all normal signs that are completely healthy. In the video above Christian Hudson lets us in on the secrets of making a good impression,

“It’s the same thing that athletes or musicians feel when they get nervous before a match. Your nervous system is shutting down non-essential bodily functions and it’s preparing to perform at a higher level.”

The problem is that some guys associate this with a weak psychological state.
Let’s set the stage. You’re in the bar and you’re supposed to be meeting a friend who is introducing you to some friends of his.
In this group, there is a beautiful woman that you’ve found yourself very attracted to. So what do you do?

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When you find them walking over to you flash a warm smile. Portray supreme confidence and smile. “Nothing too crazy just a nice warm smile,” Christian says.
But you should make sure you assert yourself Chris warns, don’t wait until you’re introduced to talk to her.

“It’s very important that you be very proactive about this, and you don’t wait for them to introduce themselves to you.” he continues ” Here’s why I want you to be proactive, because very few guys do it; it’s common for a guy to wait for his friend to introduce him and an attractive woman has experienced this a million times before.”

A part of making a great first impression is not only about being good, but it’s also about standing out.
If you’re not standing out, you’re fitting in and now you’re forgettable.
Instead, give her that extra half a second eye contact when introducing yourself to her. It exudes confidence and gives her a hint that there may be something extra there between the two of you.

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