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What Are You Attracting? Why What We Put Out Is What We Receive

What Are You Attracting? Why What We Put Out Is What We Receive

BY Staff

What Are You Attracting? Why What We Put Out Is What We Receive

When I was a toddler the saying was always ‘what goes around comes around’, which was usually followed by a flashing of the tongue.
When I got a little older, in primary school, I was taught the golden rule: do unto other’s as you would have them do unto you.
And when I came of age it was chopped up into a very general — and probably grossly misunderstood — word that millennials get tattooed in Arabic: karma.
Whatever belief system you have, a standard staple in life is you receive what you put out. Everyone gets what’s they have coming.
What some of us seem to miss, however, is that this concept transfers to every aspect of our lives.
Why do you think you keep attracting the same type of girl? Or when you were going through the rough patch in life, was it not feeling like everything bad that could happen was happening to you?
These “coincidences” are the result of the bait we’ve been throwing out. Of course, we’ll reel in bad company when our actions attract it.
When we are conscious of our actions, their intentions and how we conduct ourselves, we’ll have far better control over the circumstances we find ourselves in.
The women in our lives, the friends we are around, and the outcome of situations out of our control, to me, are three areas that we have particularly become unmindful of.
They are some of the most important areas of our lives, yet the most neglected when it comes to our level of sensitivity. Which is why it’s where I want to start.


We are creatures of habit. At times that can be good, like personal hygiene and cleaning your room, but when it comes to relationships it’s something that we should try our best to curtail.
Granted everyone is different and you cannot prejudice every women based on another, but it is important that we look at how we approach women and as well as the type of women we attract in response.
You cannot complain about how easy a girl is if all your efforts go into getting into her pants.
You shouldn’t be surprised about how she so easily shuts down when you run away every time you date someone who challenges you. We attract what we advertise, even if it’s subconscious.
If you are insecure and acting insecure in the relationship, that just might influence her to start checking your phone for dirt that isn’t there, too.
On the flip-side, if you’re affirming her on the daily basis and show loyalty, more times than not, you’ll have someone reciprocate that same respect.
It’s all about what you’re putting out there. Next time you end up with the same type of girl you’re trying to avoid, or someone that was a nightmare on the first try, think about how you courted her, where you met her, and the entire behavior of your approach.
Make adjustments and see the results.


I swear I’m tempted to roll my eyes every time I hear the trite adage: birds of a feather flock together.
It’s way too cheesy for my liking and being that I’m intolerant to lactose, I always found myself cringing whenever I hear it.
With that being said, it’s so eerily true.
We assimilate to the individuals we are around, almost like a natural selection process, those who are uncomfortable with the culture of the friendship drop like flies while the ones who stay grow closer together.
It makes you think: what friendships are you tolerating and why?
We have to consider where we want to go in life; then find people who bring the tools in our life to help us reach there.
That can be in the form of a very funny friend, who alleviates you from stress due to their non-stop humor. It can the good listener, who no matter what you’re going through has time to not only listen but give comparable advice.
On the flip-side, the exact opposite can happen if you attract ill-advised people in.
This may happen because we’re going through it and have resorted to a self-destructive lifestyle. Of course, this type of lifestyle would attract others who enable you to do the same.
Or if everyone around you was unfaithful to their spouses, that would make the temptation that much more sensational.
Being mindful of where we are in life and the type of people that lifestyle attracts will ultimately help us in the long run.
Watch how different the people in your life become when you start to live a life of intent toward the positive things you want to accomplish.


Situations will come at us in our life that will inevitably be out of our control.
However, when we are putting out our best efforts and best intentions, we can find peace in the circumstance, whatever the outcome.
When you’re wearing a seatbelt your chances of surviving a car accident are higher.
When you wear a condom, your chances of STD’s and having a kid are lower, and when you are faithful and respectful in a relationship, the break-up — as hard as it may on both parties -is that much smoother.
Yes, it may be as simple as ‘do the right thing’ but, since when has simplicity not worked?
The key to attracting favorable women, friends, outcomes, favor sales or whatever it is that we truly want, is contingent on the effort we put forward.
Call it karma, call it the golden rule or whatever protects your masculinity, but until we are intentional about what we put out, we’re going to receive things we may not expect, instead of the things we want.
Be conscious of what you’re advertising so you can manage what you receive.

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