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Time To Sack Up: 4 Strategies On How To Seduce An Alpha Female

Time To Sack Up: 4 Strategies On How To Seduce An Alpha Female

BY Staff

Time To Sack Up: 4 Strategies On How To Seduce An Alpha Female

Have you ever met a girl who was tough as nails, didn’t take any bullshit, and chewed up and spit out the last five guys that approached her?
It’s like they get a kick out of putting guys to the test and seeing how many they can scare off with insults, their domineering personality, and being really hard to get intimate with.
To make matters more difficult, these lioness-type women tend to be really, crazy, tongue-hanging-out-of-your-mouth sexy. Of course, what you find attractive is totally subjective, but alpha females have a certain look that’s hard to ignore.
Whether they’re tatted up, have tongue-rings, or what have you, they get ogled at wherever they go, and they always look put together.
In the same way that having an appearance that looks flashy or ornamental helps guys establish their alpha-status, it also tips people off that a girl is the leader of her pack.
Alpha-females dress to look sexy, but they also dress to make it clear that they are not about to be picked up by some low-confidence beta-male with a cheesy line his cousin from the Jersey Shore told him to use.
She’s not opposed to being hit on, but if you’re going to even step foot in her direction, you better bring your a-game, and be ready for an attitude.
But, here’s the thing. The alpha-female personality is one big, giant shit test. No one really likes being mean to everyone that comes up to them, but for hot girls, it’s a reflex that develops over years of being approached by creepy, annoying, or lame guys.
And honestly, can you blame them? The good news is that if you’re aware that her gritty personality, her piercings, and her outfit are all designed to see if you’re worth her time, you’re already one step ahead of the game.
You’ll have to be ready for some criticism, maybe even the dreadful “resting bitch-face”, but if you can keep it together and not get butt hurt, you might end up having some of the craziest, most exciting sex of your life.
Who knows, you might even find that one of these women is actually really sweet on the inside and connect. Whatever you’re intention is, here’s how to go about snagging an alpha-female without getting a six-inch heel to the face.

Be impossible to offend

Alpha-females have built-in bullshit detectors. There’s a part of their brain that light ups when they sense that a guy is full of it and they’ll start hurling little insults at him to see if he’s actually for real.
The way you respond to this is crucial. If you show that she’s getting to you, she’ll interpret it as a lack of confidence and cast you aside with the rest of the dopes that went up to her that night.
But if you show her that you are impossible to offend, and make it clear that nothing she says is going to ruin your night, she’ll find it attractive and, at the very least, give you another few minutes to make your case.

Know when to back off

Walking up to a girl who looks dangerous isn’t like going up to other girls. You can’t just walk up and say, “What’s up.” You have to say something a little edgy as a way of getting her attention.
It can even be a little negative, as long as it’s done in a way that feels more like teasing rather than a full-blown insult. The real issue is not the first few minutes, but the second and third stage of the interaction.
You have to know when to back off. If you stand there and insult her for twenty minutes, and never shift into being a fun, attractive guy she can see herself hanging out with, you’ll seem one-dimensional and a little insecure.
She wants a guy who’s tough, but also one who can be charming when he needs to be.

Give her good sex

Let’s say you made it past the dragons, monsters, and guards of her castle, and she invites you into her bedroom.
All I can say is you better give her some headboard shaking, hair-pulling, neck-biting sex, or she will be severely disappointed.
She’s a hot girl, and the last four guys she slept with probably disappointed her in one way or another.
Maybe they were too nervous, couldn’t get it up, or just finished way too fast, but the point is she’s probably developed a pretty low-tolerance for bad sex.
If you want to see her again, focus and make it about her. Don’t hold back and do whatever you have to do to make it a good experience.
After wandering aimlessly through a dark forest of bad sex, thinking she’ll never find her way out, she’ll look at you as her knight in shining armor and most likely stick around.

Be careful with your feelings

Look, it’s a hard truth to accept, but girls like this are getting hit up constantly by other guys, and in the beginning it just pays to keep your emotions in check.
If she tells you she’s starting to really like you, just act as if you’re one step behind. Even if you’re head-over-heels obsessed with her, don’t make it completely obvious.
Alpha-females don’t want a guy they know they can have, because they know they can have most guys. Let the relationship grow, but don’t go and tell her you think it’s time to head to Vegas and get married.
She’ll get bored, and you’ll scare her off. If the two of you really are compatible and in it for the long-haul, there won’t be any need to say anything at all.
It’s a fact that gaming an alpha-female isn’t necessarily harder than gaming a sweet girl who’s nice to everyone—it’s just different. No two girls are exactly alike, but there are general truths about each type.
It’s like opening up a lock; every one of them has its own combination, and once you know what it is, the process of unlocking is pretty simple. So give it a shot.
Next time you see a girl who looks like she might be able to kick your ass, sack up and make her yours.

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