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Finding The Right Woman And Learning How To Commit To A Relationship

Finding The Right Woman And Learning How To Commit To A Relationship

BY Staff

Finding The Right Woman And Learning How To Commit To A Relationship

A friend of mine recently asked the million-dollar question, “what do women want?”
I responded the same way most men would respond, by laughing and saying “If I knew that, I’d be the richest man on the planet.”
The fact is, if she is honest most women will readily admit that she doesn’t know what it is that she wants. But you won’t find a woman alive that doesn’t want, need, or desire security.
Now, I know what you’re thinking because that word security gives me the same sharp, piney impressions down my spine.
When I hear the word security, my first thought immediately goes to money, dollar signs, cash!
“This is crazy”, I say to myself. This is 2017 and today’s woman will proudly proclaim they can do anything a man can do.
Today’s woman is independent, intelligent and driven. So why does she need my money?
Have you ever gone out with a woman, who was more than patient when the check hit the table?
Now, if you speak for her, you will in no uncertain terms be reminded that she can speak for herself.
If you question her judgment, you receive what equates to a mouth full.
If you tell her what to wear, or question her friends, or try to help her solve a problem, she lets you know rather quickly that she does not need your opinion.
Some being more liberal might even scoff at your attempt to open a door for her.
Yet, in all her independent glory something almost miraculous begins to happen near the end of dinner or wherever a cash register is present.
At first, I thought, “Hmm that’s odd. Maybe they are all under a mass hypnosis, that when the Ching Ching sound of a cash register opens they are frozen in their steps?”
A cosmic revolution of sorts maybe even orchestrated by some alien being that has limited mind control over the women on our planet. This must be it?
When it is time to pay, she is as quiet and gentle as a dove.
You won’t get any objections about being offended, arguments of not seeing her as equal, or reserving the right to refuse your attempts.
And by the way, if you have made an agreement on some wild excursion to split everything down the middle?
Forget it, because if you pay in advance, how do you politely remind her to pay her share? Hmm?
The truth is, in a world devoid of tradition, the idea of old fashioned values remains with little chance of it ever going away.
However, this topic is not about money or her attempt to empty your bank account.
The fact is, she doesn’t need your money, she just doesn’t want to spend her own money.
No sir, the word security is not about money but about feeling secure.
A woman may give the impression that starting a relationship can be casual, but in no time at all, she will want a commitment from you, and, why shouldn’t she?
We all look over our shoulders, searching for a better job, bigger home, more money, faster car, sleeker cell phones and yes, a better relationship.
We must come to grip with the idea that a perfect woman does not exist, nor are you perfect. If she is the woman for you, not only will you know it but so will she.
She is growing frustrated with you because she wants you to see what it is that she has already seen.
She needs you friend, and if you don’t make her yours, you risk losing her forever.
You can pretend to be macho with your friends, thinking you are in control but she knows the real you.
She knows your heart, your weaknesses, your strengths and your fears and yet she doesn’t care because she gave you her heart and she does not ask for it in return, but only that you give her security.
Hanging out as friends is fun, and so is dating but after awhile it gets old. The dates begin to merge together like some ball of dust collected in the vacuum cleaner.
You need her as much as she needs you. She is your best friend, and you love spending time with her.
Every time she calls, you light up in a way that only she could control. You dream of her and miss her when she is away.
You know her smell, and swap pillows with her so you can lay your head where hers used to lay. You talk about her with your friends, coworkers, and your family.
She brings value to your life, wisdom and her opinion is second to none.
The start of a new relationship always brings excitement but around the two-year mark, the same questions are going to be asked by her.
You will face the same challenges and requests for commitment.
Would it not be best, when you know you have found the love of your life, to go ahead and make it official.
Life is short, and the only thing worse than having a bunch of women is having no woman in your life at all.

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