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Girls On Reddit Reveal Their Biggest Deal Breakers With Guys

Girls On Reddit Reveal Their Biggest Deal Breakers With Guys

BY Staff

Girls On Reddit Reveal Their Biggest Deal Breakers With Guys

Deal Breakers: those little habits, qualities, or traits in a potential partner that make you run for the f*cking hills.
Sometimes we cultivate deal breakers because we want to avoid problems we found in past relationships, but usually we have deal breakers because we’re just trying to size people up quickly to decide whether or not we should spend precious time creating a relationship that might or might not work out.
Turns out, there are so many different deal breakers – some that we had no idea even existed.
A particular Reddit user was curious about what are the most common deal breakers that women have, and he naturally took to the Reddit community to find the answers.
The deal breakers might just help teach you a lesson – and at the very least, some will give you a good laugh.
We can’t say we really blame this girl for holding this one against her dates. Messing with another person’s feelings when you haven’t completely sorted out your own yet is pretty messed up. It’s always best to be sure you’re completely open and ready for a new relationship when you begin dating. Never date to get over an ex.
Sometimes forced confidence can come across as arrogance and rudeness. Guys aren’t the only ones guilty of this deal breaker. Prima Donnas can make being out on a date a nightmare. Asking for a million substitutions, sending drinks backs, and showing no gratitude for waitstaff – being around anyone who acts this childish on a date is a turn off.
It can feel good to confide in someone, but just make sure that someone is a person who you’re meeting for a first date. She might get the wrong impression and think you’re a downer all of the time. Remember, people are attracted to others who are positive and make them feel good.
Not everyone has the same boundary lines. What’s comfortable for you might not be as comfy for your date. It’s important to show your date that you have emotional intelligence and can tune into what they like and don’t like (ultimately that’s what makes a good relationship).
As guys who focus on personal development quite a bit, we don’t really have to worry about this deal breaker. We know the power of having goals and staying inspired.
This is a problem that we all have to deal with in this generation that’s in constant communication. It’s important to respect other’s time like we’d expect them to respect ours. Because being bailed on sucks, especially for a date you’re looking forward to.
Ha. Lady boner. We like this girl.
Making sure that your partner is sexually satisfied is just the right thing to do. So, fellas, if she’s a generous lover, it’s good to say thank you in a way that she’d enjoy.
We can’t say that we disagree with this deal breaker. After all, cleanliness is close to godliness, right?
Another keeper here. We’re sure she’s just joking, but we do want to offer a little advice on the subject of hygiene: stay clean and keep all of the extra scents at a minimum. Think of a slight lingering musk, that’s what you should smell like on a date.

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