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When Is Bad Style a Deal Breaker? Fashion Blogger Jenny Wu Weighs In

When Is Bad Style a Deal Breaker? Fashion Blogger Jenny Wu Weighs In

BY Staff

When Is Bad Style a Deal Breaker? Fashion Blogger Jenny Wu Weighs In

The Social Man is seriously crushing on fashion guru and reality tv star Jenny Wu.
Not only has the Californian beauty been a contestant on The Amazing Race – where she placed first runner up –  but she’s created her own fashion empire with her blog Good, Bad, & Fab. The sophisticated bombshell shares with us her best men’s fashion tips, dating advice, and a few laughs in an all exclusive interview for The Social Man.
What’s one stereotypical first date (coffee, cocktails, dinner, movie) is your least favorite? Why?
I really don’t like meeting for coffee because it seems so non-committal, which seems to be a growing epidemic with our generation – probably because of things like Tinder. I just think it’s kind of rude to basically say you’re not sure if you want to spend time with someone so you ask her for a casual coffee.
Movies are worse than coffee for first dates, though. I can watch a movie by myself, so I don’t really see the point in going on a date just to have a warm body next to you while you watch a movie.
For potential dates, is bad style a deal breaker for you?
 (Laughs) It really depends. Like if a guy tried to put in effort into his look and it just didn’t come together the right way, then no, that’s not a deal breaker because it means he tried. BUT, if a guy has bad style because he just didn’t care at all about how he looked, then I think so. For example, if he showed up to our date wearing gym clothes because he was playing basketball earlier, then he probably doesn’t really like me enough to at least change into something else.
What’s the one accessory that you find timeless and sexy for men?
Watches! I’m not like a watch expert, but I do love when guys wear timepieces – and they don’t even have to be expensive. It’s sexy because it creates such a classic look.
What does your go-to first date outfit and beauty routine look like?
Personally, I like to look as natural as I can on dates. So, I like wearing minimal makeup. I try to avoid wearing a little black dress because it’s so obvious. I like to wear dress or skirts in fun floral patterns. And I have a rule for my dress: it’s either going to be tight and show off my figure or loose and show off my cleavage…never both at the same time! (Laughs)
What’s the one piece of dating advice that you’d give your younger self?
Oh, hm. (Pauses) I think it would be to trust my intuition better. You know, I think sometimes I’d date a guy I didn’t really like because he was nice and I was hoping the chemistry would come along later, but that rarely happens in real life. I think after a first date, it’s pretty obvious whether or not a relationship should (or can) happen.
 Has there ever been a guy that you weren’t initially attracted to, but ended up interested in? If so, what changed?
Oh, yeah. Mainly because of the way we met – at a bar but then later we had a date. You know when you meet people in a loud bar or nightclub, you can’t really get a good idea of who they are because you couldn’t talk as comfortably, so I think it’s good to try and meet again to see if there’s something there.
Getting To Know You
In your opinion, what is the definition of good style?
I think it’s having the ability to pull off whatever it is you want to wear with confidence.
We all know that fashion trends and fads change constantly. Is there any one trending outfit, accessory, or style that you look back on from your younger years and regret trying out?
(Laughs) Oh no. I know exactly what the answer to this one is. I went out and bought a pair of gauchos in hot pink! I actually wore them out one day, and this group of young people started yelling at me from a car – not cat calling, though. They were yelling like “What the hell are you wearing?” (Laughs) Oh, I’ll never ever buy gauchos again, and especially not in hot pink! (Laughs)
 What’s been your biggest accomplishment to date through fashion blogging and why is it so significant?
I can think of two off the top of my head. The first was going to Fashion Week because it was a physical manifestation of all the hard work I had accomplished. I got to go because I worked hard to get there. The second was getting the chance to be on the tv show The Amazing Race. If it weren’t for my job as a fashion blogger, I wouldn’t have had the flexibility to do something so fun and awesome. (Pauses) I can in second place by the way! (Laughs)
Do you find that men’s fashion is just as complex and unique as women’s, or do you find it limiting?
You know, I think men’s fashion has really come a long way in the past few years. Sure, they don’t get to wear dresses or skirts like women so they’re limited in that way, but men’s fashion is all about small details. In some cases I think it’s even more complex than women’s fashion because it focuses so much on tiny details like accessories, immaculate pressed clothing, and really good tailoring.
What’s the one stereotype that you find isn’t true about fashion bloggers?
(Sighs) Most people think that fashion bloggers are all just wannabe models, and that’s not true at all. Fashion blogging is hard work. I worked as a lawyer for a fashion company a few years back, and it was nowhere near as difficult as fashion blogging. As a blogger you have to be your own manager, marketing whiz, photographer, writer, stylist, lawyer, and model. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to be a successful blogger; it’s not just about taking pretty pictures, which is what a lot of people think. I really hope that the stereotype falls away because it really is a difficult career.
What do you hope that your own personal style conveys?
I want my personal style to convey my personality and adventurous side. I like to play with trends and change up my style quite often.
Would you rather game questions:
Would you rather go on a first date wearing an outfit styled by your date or wearing an outfit styled by your parents? Why?
(Laughs) I’d rather my date chose my outfit. It’d give me some insight into his thinking, and I think it’d be a hilarious icebreaker to talk about what he chose for me to wear. I think my parents would just put me into something a 5-year old would wear, so I’d definitely stay away from that choice. (Laughs)
Would you rather go on a date to McDonalds wearing a ball gown or go on a date to a 5 star restaurant wearing pajamas? Why?
Oh! This one is really hard! (Sighs) Ok, I think I’d choose the 5-star restaurant because I really, really love food. I mean, I like McDonald’s French fries, but I’d definitely like the chance to eat really good food. I’d just walk into the place with tons of confidence and look at people like “Why aren’t you wearing pajamas too?” (Laughs) It’s all about confidence.
Would you rather have the ability to read a date’s mind or give your date the ability to read your mind?
Ah, another tough one! Who wouldn’t want the ability to do both? Hm. Ok, if I have to pick, I think I’d want to read his mind! (Laughs) This one is too hard to pick! (Laughs)
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