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Playboy May Start Printing Nudes Again Thanks To Hugh Hefner’s Son


Playboy May Start Printing Nudes Again Thanks To Hugh Hefner’s Son

Playboy shocked the entire world earlier this year when they announced they’d be taking a new approach and no longer feature nudity, which of course made them one of the most iconic brands over the past 60 plus years.
To appeal to a new era of social media and a millennial audience, this was the cover to their first nude-less issue back in March featuring Instagram model Sarah McDaniel:
This decision hasn’t been sitting too well with people as not everybody can understand why they’d remove the one thing that’s separated them for decades. One of those people is none other than Hugh Hefner’s 25-year-old son, Cooper.
With Hugh’s health declining at 90 years old, he is stepping down from Creative Officer, putting his son at the helm. And from the sounds of it, one of the first decisions may be to go back to Playboy’s old ways. According to the New York Post Cooper said,

“There has been no change of heart, and I continue to be well aware of what has made Playboy so remarkably special.”

The rumor is now that Playboy will return to featuring new spreads next year but there is still push back from a commercial branding standpoint. To elaborate a bit further, he continued,

“Some aspects of the brand won’t alter, as there have been a number of successful creative and business pivots over the last few years that are worthy of celebration. However, as we close in on our 64th year as an organization, I can assure you certain aspects of our formula will change. We are currently implementing a creative strategy for the brand moving forward. Let’s just say, 2017 will be a big year for our rabbit.”

For whatever it’s worth, at least the wheels seem to be turning again. Time will only tell.

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