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Nick Sparks Describes ‘Why Falling In Love Sucks’ In Amazing Talk (Video)

Nick Sparks Describes ‘Why Falling In Love Sucks’ In Amazing Talk (Video)

Do you find yourself in a never-ending cycle in which all your relationships follow pretty much the exact same pattern? You meet a girl, fall for her, everything is great, and then things just fall apart for whatever reason.

Sound familiar?

If yes, then you’ll want to check out this video of Nick Sparks, who, according to his website, is “a life coach and consultant focusing on dating and relationships, and for over a decade [has] worked with hundreds of individuals to help them achieve the social and dating lives they’ve always dreamed of.”

Sparks was speaking at the 21 Convention in Miami, described as a “Panorama Event For Life On Earth As As A Man.”

The title of Sparks’ speech was “Why Falling In Love Sucks” a pretty heavy-handed title, but one that means a lot to the speaker. Why was he up there in front of a room full of men talking to them about love? Well, in his own words, “because this is something that is very personal for me.”

Sparks goes on to talk about how he recently had a “not-so-great breakup” and that this particular breakup hit him hard, not because of what was said or done, but because it simply had happened so much.

That pattern again; the honeymoon phase then followed by things suddenly getting kinda crappy. Arguing, resentment, the relationship starts to be an emotional drain until finally there is the breakup, which hurts both people. Then back to square one and you gotta pull yourself back up.

As Sparks says, it’s almost like we’re not ready for this constant failure, “movies have taught us after we fall in love that’s the happy ending right there.” But this is obviously not the case for most people.

But why is Sparks the guy to listen to in these situations? Well, he claims to have been in this relationship pattern more times than most people, about 7 or 8 times.

He knows the feeling when you start to question yourself and think there’s something wrong with you after all these failed relationships.

As he says, “maybe I’m not an expert in dating, but I’m an expert in what NOT to do” so there’s definitely something to take away from his presentation.

The talk itself is over an hour long and full of amazing nuggets about dating and relationships. You should definitely check this one out and let us know in the comments what you think!

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