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5 Subtle Things Men Do That Comes Off As Desperate To Women

5 Subtle Things Men Do That Comes Off As Desperate To Women

BY The Social Man Staff

5 Subtle Things Men Do That Comes Off As Desperate To Women

Nothing sends a woman running faster than the stink of desperation.

The problem is that desperation doesn’t always look like this:

Sometimes the signs are much more subtle.

We broke down a few of the many behaviors that Christian Hudson points out as problematic in the Girlfriend Activation System, and part of that means scrubbing those desperate habits you didn’t even know you had.

So, if women always seem to disappear after a date or two, you might want to check yo self and see if you’re doing any of the following:

Being Inauthentic

Two men can dress the same way, act the same way, and have the same things, but the one who uses their identity or status symbols as a means to impress others will instantly be apparent.

Are you at your job because it’s what you want or because it’s the job you think you should have? Are you into obscure music because you like it or because it makes you look cool?

Do you dress in expensive suits because it’s your style or because you think it’ll impress women?

It’s the difference between this:


And this:


Agreeing with Everything She Says


Men that agree with everything a woman says are attempting to establish a common ground or are worried about rocking the boat.

But what these “yes men” don’t realize is what they’re really communicating is that they’re not their own person and won’t challenge these women to grow.

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You can’t hide who you really are forever.

Instead, present yourself as an honest, confident man that has opinions and doesn’t shy away from a little spirited debate.


big deal

There’s a difference between bragging and being proud of your achievements. SPOILER: People who brag are looking for validation and it shows.

Messaging Multiple Times Without a Response


From the  very beginning, you should have her interested, engaged, and initiating conversation with you. (Someone let this poor guy know that “What’s up” isn’t the way to do that.)

But sometimes the fade away happens no matter what you do. You have to read the rejection, take it gracefully, and try again…with someone else.

Gluing Yourself to Her Side at Social Events


Men who won’t leave a woman’s side are either overly fixated on her or panicked that she will meet someone else—both of which reek of either desperation and insecurity.

Giving her space to breathe and do her own thing will also give her a chance to see how you interact with others and charm the room.

So what do you instead?

Christian’s philosophy is that you can’t mask desperation with games or pick up lines, which is why his system is designed to teach men how to cultivate a genuine confidence and sense of self worth.

So let’s all work on getting here:

love myself1  loveme2self-five

Before we worry about getting here:


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  • handsomish

    My best advice to get you in the right mindset before going on a date is to sing “go away little girl” but change the next line to “I’m to good for you”. Subconsciously, it gives you confidence, and will distract you enough that you won’t behave desperate. And when this doesn’t work out for you, send me her number.

  • Jack

    The irony is once they have you, they lose interest because they are looking for someone better, less needy…

  • Mario De Souza

    First of all Was this advice written by a woman because you can tell the writer acts like the whole world revolves around women and it doesn’t Women are weak fucking cunts so who gives a shit what they think

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