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Never Lose Your Phone Or Wallet Again Using Augmented Reality

Never Lose Your Phone Or Wallet Again Using Augmented Reality

Losing your wallet or keys is one of the truly frustrating things in life.
That helpless feeling as you grab your pockets only to realize there’s something, or things, missing from the standard belongings. You know the “phone, wallet, keys” routine. We all do.
What if you never had to have that feeling again?
Further, what if augmented reality technology helped you keep track of your most important belongings?
Sounds like science fiction.
But it’s very real. The folks over at Pixie Technologies have developed tracking chips that you can use to keep your valuables close by.
Pixie is now selling Bluetooth LE-connected fobs, which basically establish an electronic connection with each other so you can find one fob through the other.
Then, by downloading the Pixie app on your phone, you’ll be able to have a sort of handheld compass, guiding you to your nearby wallet or keys.
Once you get close enough, the fob you’re looking for will actually pop up on your screen in the app and will get larger as you get warmer and warmer to finding your lost belonging.
If you’re not close to whatever the fob is connected to, the app will show you where and when the app last detected the lost fob.
This system is dubbed “the location of things” by Pixie. CEO of the company, Amir Bassan-Eskenazi, claims that Pixie Points symbolize “location pins for the real world.”
Speaking to VentureBeat, Bassan-Eskenazi described the ideation process behind this technology,

“I was trying to find a smart location solution, and I didn’t find one. I thought about it, and so I started to create one. People thought of lost keys as a hardship, a fact of life you have to live with. I thought of it as a problem that you can solve.”

Pretty interesting stuff from the Pixie CEO.
If you are a serial loser of things to the point where it’s hurting your day-to-day success, this Pixie technology could be the answer.
With all this new life-improving tech, there’s no reason to suffer!

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