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The Three Fundamentals Of Becoming Boyfriend Material

The Three Fundamentals Of Becoming Boyfriend Material

BY Staff

The Three Fundamentals Of Becoming Boyfriend Material

What is boyfriend material, really?
I’ve heard it thrown around time and time again and, honestly, I never really knew what it meant.
Even before I entered a major relationship, when I was single and desperate to give someone my love, I’d hear about this standard — this “material” or make-up that girls looked for, and I wasn’t sure if I had it in me or where to possess it.
Is there an official certification that legitimizes you? And after said legitimization, was there a database where names are deposited where single women scrolled through?
When I finally got into a relationship however it suddenly became clear: there are basic and fundamental qualities that women look for when seeking out a boyfriend.
But you shouldn’t have to wait until you’re in a relationship to figure out what those qualities are and how to showcase them.
The secret is to offer something that the richest, strongest and most influential man cannot. It’s called the bigger better deal — an offer one of it’s kind.
The Social Man has broken down some elements of this deal and how it should look. Once employed, they will make you boyfriend material to any women looking for one.

1. Vision

How you see her when she is in the spotlight will win her over in a heartbeat.
In most cases, men are either too concerned with themselves or too afraid of being overshadowed to embrace the potential and stardom in their spouses.
That is why nurturing vision is a mark of a good boyfriend for so many women.
Having a picture in your head of how success looks for her as well as recognizing and acknowledging her possibilities and potential all speak on your unselfishness and control of ego.
Women want someone in control and who will lead but who will also be willing to let them shine as well.
A good way to work that into a conversation on a date or when you first meet them would be to ask: “So what is the beautiful vision you have for your life?”
She may know, and excitedly give you an answer. She may ponder, and not have a response. Either way, you’re asking a question a majority of guys aren’t and it shows her something different.

2. Growth

Like her vision, offering a commitment to her growth will make you boyfriend material.
When you make the decision to invest in a woman’s goals and ambitions, rather than minding to yours independently, you are showing that your happiness is contingent on hers and that she can always count on your best interest to be on par with hers.
And that’s important.
It’s not a matter of doing the work for her as much as it is about helping her find her path.
Challenging her to push through previous failures, holding her accountable to the promises she makes to herself and picking her up when she falls flat on her face are all things the finest restaurants and most expensive gifts can’t vouch for.
Caring about her growth is the ultimate sign of boyfriend material because you’re basically her teammate.
Celebrating her victories and serving as constant motivation shows you have interest on another level.
When you take her out, as you get to know her, or as you’re showing her who you really are for the first time, inquire about her life trajectory and make sure she see’s your heart to see it fulfilled.

3. Thrills

Another way to display boyfriend quality and to make yourself the biggest and best deal on the market is to be thrilling.
Not in an out of the ordinary or over the top way, but in an out-of-the-box way.
For example, give her the thrill of wondering about you. Make yourself a lasting memory in her mind. One way to do this is to start sending short texts.
Basically, when you two have been texting pretty heavily back and forth, abruptly respond with one word and let her response sit a while. This will give her a curve ball and leave wondering about where your head is.
Another way to add thrill in her life is with surprise dates. When you’re picking her up from work and she thinks you guys are going home, take her to her favorite restaurant.
Randomly start preparing a meal at home when you guys are lazing around the house. Pop up with some of her quick favorites for lunch.
Doing this will make you memorable and standout overall. If you guys weren’t dating, that will soon change and if you guys just met, she’ll have you at the top of her boyfriend list.
These are just some of the many techniques you can use to make yourself boyfriend material. You don’t have to play trial and error, writing down what different women didn’t see in you.
There are qualities you can offer that do not cost money, that are priceless, just as the ones mentioned here.
The woman you’ve always envisioned yourself with might just be looking at you wrong.
When you stop doing what every other guy is doing and instead show interest in her vision, her growth and commit to giving her thrills, you will find yourself getting the girl in the end.

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