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Those Free Snacks In The Office Are Making You More Unproductive

Those Free Snacks In The Office Are Making You More Unproductive

BY Staff

Those Free Snacks In The Office Are Making You More Unproductive

It’s with a heavy heart that I say once again, studies have proven something we all enjoy to be bad for us… free snacks at work.
Who doesn’t enjoy snacking when it’s right in front of you all day?
What is supposed to be a little treat for everyone does more than just satisfy your sweet tooth. Based on one study reported by the Wall Street Journal, free snacks like granola, chips, cookies and candy can have a negative effect in the office, says Samantha Boardman, a psychiatrist at Weill-Cornell Medical College in New York City.
Boardman mentions specific examples,

“As one 20-something who used to work at a startup in Brooklyn with an all-you-can-eat candy bar told me, ‘The amount of Swedish Fish I used to eat on a daily basis was obscene.'”

It doesn’t come as a surprise that these snacks are unhealthy and contribute to weight gain, but they also make you less productive.
Harvard professor of nutrition, David Ludwig, explains how the body reacts after eating sugary foods.

“Blood sugar soared but then crashed a few hours later, and when that happened, the [stress] hormone adrenaline, or epinephrine, surged to very high levels.”

Basically, these unhealthy snacks contribute to stress and kills productivity.
A similar case to the Swedish Fish addict, where she describes how she felt after candy binging all day.

“I would feel like the Energizer bunny and then totally crash.”

The spikes in her blood sugar made it hard for her to focus, while hindering her mood and motivation.

“All that sugar turned me into a monster. After eating five fistfuls of Gummi Bears my nerves were frayed. Everyone knew not to come near me.”

It’s time to think twice about leaving donuts and jar full of M&Ms on the table and consider healthier alternatives. Boring, I know, but it will benefit you in the long run.

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