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Dating In The Age Of Social Media: How Millennials Use It To Their Advantage

Dating In The Age Of Social Media: How Millennials Use It To Their Advantage

BY Staff

Dating In The Age Of Social Media: How Millennials Use It To Their Advantage

In 2017, the old ways of dating were officially put to rest inevitably making room for the new school of dating.
With social media at its peak, forums such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have inadvertently become staple ingredients when it comes to dating & relationships.
In the past, your pool of possible partners was limited to who was around you and who was tangible; this is simply not the case anymore. In all actuality, many people meet others through the Internet without even needing so much as a mutual friend these days.
With all that being what it is, it can be hard to navigate through dating & relationships if one is not prepared on how to manage one in 2016.
Below are tips on how to make sure you get the best out of your dating life without falling victim to the old ways of doing things; this will prove important to you in an ever growing world locked into the age of social media.


Personally, one of the first things that I do when I meet a girl that I may be interested in is find her IG page. You can find out a lot about someone off of what they like to post on this app from the very start.
For men, follower count is definitely something worth noting right off the rip. 30k + followers will ensure you that you are most definitely not her only option and that might turn you on or off depending on what type of person you are.
The type of pictures a girl posts might even immediately box her into your subconscious relationship categories; the girl you might want to take seriously and take a step further…or the girl you would be down to mess around with if given the opportunity.
Your new girlfriend or new jump off might be as easy as one “like” or “dm” away.


To me, Snapchat is the second stop when it comes to furthering a relationship with a possible partner. It means you’ve moved on to a more personal part of getting to know someone.
Whereas Instagram is wide open for anyone to really look at (unless the account is set on private), Snapchat usually means you were able to get the number and have now you have access to the cherished land of selfies.
In the past, if you were not in the presence of your significant other, you technically couldn’t be truly sure what that person was up to.
With Snapchat, not only do people usually use it all day long to broadcast all of the “cool” things that they are doing, you can have that person send you videos/pictures and chat in this way all day.
Snapchat is an easy and fast way to make decisions about whether you would like pursue a person or whether they deserve to be placed on the back burner.


The last of the aforementioned social media mega platforms: Twitter. The land of today’s trending topic and the place where you can virtually know what’s happening at all times, anywhere.
Twitter allows people to connect with each other in a way that is informative and freeing. When it comes to dating & relationships, you can quickly find out what is important to someone based off their retweets and likes.
This platform lets you gaze into what people are thinking but don’t always say out loud.
Needless to say, very essential when it comes to the filtering process one goes through when locking in on who is worth the pursuit and who is not.
All in all, it is quite obvious as to how difficult it is to engage in dating & relationships without including social media in the picture. For some it can make the whole process easier and more efficient; for others, it can make it more difficult and discouraging.
In any case, it is crucial to at least be aware of its presence in this new day and age and to try your best to use it towards your own advantage when it comes to dating – and to not let it take advantage of you.

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