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Conor McGregor Steals The Show At UFC 205 Press Conference In MSG


Conor McGregor Steals The Show At UFC 205 Press Conference In MSG

On Tuesday UFC hosted a promotional event and press conference at Madison Square Garden to hype UFC 205, the martial arts compay’s newest event and the first in New York City.
Conor McGregor, UFC’s current featherweight champion, was announced on the ticket yesterday afternoon to and flew into New York City yesterday seemingly just to talk endless shit to his opponent for the lightweight belt, Eddie Alvarez.

McGregor was in prime form, claiming he will make an estimated $40 million from the fight and ripping into Alvarez for his own purse (which has not been disclosed):

“He’s very lucky to be in the position he’s in. He understands that, and that’s why he took this fight on the money he was on for his last fight. Just another broke bum, trying to sell some s—. We’ve heard it all before. It’s just another broke bum, who can’t afford to pay his bills.”

This will be the first sanctioned mixed martial arts competition in New York City after a ban in 1997. The ban was lifted earlier this year and Madison Square Garden looks poised to host one of the biggest UFC events ever.
McGregor claimed he “owned” New York City and that “the Irish built this damn town.”
When asked who on the stage would give him the best fight, McGregor paused. He had been on fire all night and was clearly thinking of the appropriate, and funniest, response.
Jeremy Stephens, a young up-and-comer on the UFC circuit claimed that he would give McGregor the best fight to which McGregor responded “who fuck is this guy?”

To some, McGregor seems like a schoolyard bully, to others he is simply a confident and ruthless competitor.
Regardless of what you think of McGregor’s personality, he is undoubtedly a very big reason for UFC’s recent success and popularity.
If you want to shut him up, beat him.

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