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Humans Have No ‘Future’ If We Don’t Go To Space, According To Stephen Hawking

Humans Have No ‘Future’ If We Don’t Go To Space, According To Stephen Hawking

BY Staff

Humans Have No ‘Future’ If We Don’t Go To Space, According To Stephen Hawking

Theoretical physicist and overall genius Stephen Hawking wants to remind us that the human existence has absolutely no chance of surviving if we don’t start heading to space. Like, now.
As most of us are aware, the world is pretty much going to shit and as the SNL parody of a presidential election rages on in the U.S., very real issues like natural disasters or another world war in the new age of technology could put us all at serious risk.
In an excerpt of Julian Guthrie’s How to Make a SpaceshipHawking reiterated his morbid predictions for humanity saying,

“I believe that life on Earth is at an ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster, such as a sudden nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus, or other dangers”

But don’t worry, of course Hawking has a solution. He continued,

“These first private astronauts will be pioneers, and I hope to be among them.”
“We are entering a new space age, one in which we will help to change the world for good. I believe in the possibility of commercial space travel—for exploration and for the preservation of humanity.”

That’s right, so for every little kid who grew up dreaming of becoming an astronaut, it’s on you!
To get into even more startling detail, Hawking also made a prediction that we have about the next 100 years to figure it out. In another interview with the The Washington Post he said,

“We will not establish self-sustaining colonies in space for at least the next hundred years. So we have to be very careful in this period.”

For the sake of our children, and our children’s children, this new generation of astronauts is going to have to hold it down like never before.

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