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Seven Common Behaviors That Make You Look Needy

Seven Common Behaviors That Make You Look Needy

BY Mike Wright

Seven Common Behaviors That Make You Look Needy

My buddy Mike wrote us a guest article today, and man, he’s not pulling any punches with this one.

Enjoy the article, and don’t miss Mike’s controversial new video at the link below:

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Ok, here’s Mike…

“Oh, Mike… I’m sorry, but I just don’t see you *that* way…”

“Why?” I asked her. “We’ve been going out for over a month… Just level with me.”

She hesitated, and then…

She did me a HUGE favor. She told me the truth.

“You’re a really nice guy Mike, but… you’re just too… NEEDY.”

I’ll never forget that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

My face burning. My balls shriveling up inside of me…

What had I done wrong?

I had done everything by-the-book (or so I thought).

I’d used every pickup artist trick… every so-called seduction secret to try to make her want me…

But all the junk these “gurus” and “dating coaches” taught in their e-books and video courses?

It was all bullshit.

How could I have been so dumb?

Where did their advice get me?

Stuck straight in the friend zone, that’s where.

What was I missing?

Why was my neediness so painfully obvious to her?

I’ll tell you why…

And no girl is going to come right out and admit this, but…

Women can read you like a book.

She knows what you’re f*king thinking, man.

So even if you think you’re playing it cool…

You might still be looking “needy” or “creepy” or “sketchy”…

Without even realizing it!

Here are the 7 most common ways I see guys doing this:

1. Leaning in to talk to a girl, while she stays put and doesn’t move. You’re trying too hard – a big turn off. It’s subtle but painfully obvious to women.

2. Complimenting a girl right away, before you even know her – for example, telling her she’s gorgeous, or you like her dress, or she has a nice style, or she’s a cool, fun person, etc… all super needy.

3. Buying her gifts – this could be anything from flowers, to buying her dinner and drinks, to getting her jewelry… it looks like you’re trying to “buy” her affection.

4. The “I’m here when you need me” vibe – this is when you’re super available for a girl whenever she wants to talk to you. Don’t be the guy who jumps whenever she says “jump”, dude!

5. Texting too much – if your texts are way longer than hers, or more frequent than hers, or using a lot more smileys than hers… then you look super needy.

6. Being too sensitive and taking things she says too personally (also called “being a little b*tch”). This is super insecure… women hate this!

7. Agreeing with everything she says. This is what guys do when they’re trying to “force a connection,” and it’s super wussy. Instead, express your own opinions and have a backbone, it’s way more attractive.

So, listen.

I’ve done all of these things, and more.

And if you’re displaying any of these common needy behaviors…

Make a point to cut them out and you’ll notice a massive improvement in how women treat you.

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Mike Wright


I'm a guy who's made the mistakes with women so you don't have to. I've learned countless lessons along the way and I'm on a mission to help men like you get better with women.

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  • Jay Hurley

    Disagree. I open with a sincere compliment and it gets me plenty of ass.

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