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Bald Guy Gets Two Years In Prison For Stealing Rogaine From A Deli

Bald Guy Gets Two Years In Prison For Stealing Rogaine From A Deli

BY Staff

Bald Guy Gets Two Years In Prison For Stealing Rogaine From A Deli

In what appears to be an ironic twist of fate, according to WFTV9, the bald mastermind behind a series of Rogaine Hair Loss Treatment thefts has now been apprehended and sentenced to two years in prison.
The heists conducted by Andres Arias, 36, stretched across the entire eastern seaboard as he and his associates ran a lucrative criminal operation around the hair treatment system which involved the carefully planned thefts at delis and pharmacies and the resale of it for profit.
Arias pleaded guilty to charges of Racketeering from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. and on top of his two-year sentence was ordered to pay a fine of $22,000.
Coincidentally, this is not the first time that a theft of Rogaine has made headlines, as a duo from New York earlier this year had made off with nearly $15,000 of the product from Duane Reade locations across the New York City area.
Though baldness doesn’t seem to be outright the most detrimental issue afflicting men (a majority of the most popular male stereotypes within entertainment are bald) a considerable amount of funding and research goes towards the sustainability of hair growth.
The statistics show that by 2017 the hair loss market is estimated to grow to $2.8 Billion. And an impressive $11.8 Billion  by 2024.
Studies have even reflected on the social impact possessing hair can reach. Rose Weitz, a sociologist from Arizona State University noted that,

“Our hair is one of the first things others notice about us and one of the primary ways we declare our identity to them.”

Inevitably, baldness is a thing that spawns from both genetic and environmental conditions, with so many different ways the world can stress and affect us, why risk it on a quick hustle for your hair? Maybe we should all just get swole like The Rock.

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