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How to Win Your GF’s Friends Over (Without Sucking Up)

How to Win Your GF’s Friends Over (Without Sucking Up)

BY Staff

How to Win Your GF’s Friends Over (Without Sucking Up)

A girl’s friends can be the deciding factor in whether or not she sticks around.
Stereotypical? Probably.
True? Definitely.
If you’re really feeling your new relationship, you’re just going to have to accept the fact that in order to win her heart, you first have to win her friends over, which is going to be easier than you think since you’re a charm bomb waiting to explode (yes, that was a Bob’s Burgers reference).
Winning over your girl’s friend group without sucking up or appearing desperate for approval is made easy with one little trick: host a cocktail night at your place.
Hosting a cocktail night for her friends and a few of yours is perfect for 3 reasons.

  • It allows you to show off your charm in a natural setting
    As the host, you’re in the limelight for the night.
  • You call the shots during the night
    A new boyfriend is typically on the receiving end of friends’ well-meaning interrogations, but as the host of a party, you get to direct conversations so that they focus on your guests instead of yourself. As it’s been reiterated time and again, this is good because people love to talk about themselves.
  • It creates intimacy between you and her friend group
    Inviting someone into your home is very personal. By bringing her friends into your space, you’ll quickly establish strong connections and trust.

Before you call up your girlfriend and set a date, it’s important to go over the game plan for the big night. The cocktail party at your place is just the playing field; you still need to remember these 4 pointers to really win her friends over by the end of the night:
Be mindful of where you are positioned in the group
Remember, this is your party and your time to shine. Don’t fall back on hiding in the corners or behind your girlfriend while she does all the talking and entertaining. Try to move about the group so that you’ve met and exchanged words with everyone one-on-one, even if only for a few minutes.
Be a good host and a gentleman
When getting up to refresh your or your girlfriend’s drink, offer your guests a refill as well. When someone is speaking, listen. If a guest needs to leave, walk them to the door with your girlfriend.
Find common ground with her friends
Trying to win over her friends might cause a few nerves to rattle, but think of them as people you genuinely want to befriend. Chances are you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them in the future, so take the time to invest in those relationships and really get to know them.
Avoid offering advice that’s too serious
Because small house parties are an intimate affair, the chances are pretty high, especially with alcohol involved) that someone might bring up personal topics of conversation. You don’t really know how her friends operate yet, though, so avoid offering up heavy opinions or advice. Save those deep conversations for when you really know them and know how they’ll react to advice or input you offer. A cocktail night is all about fun and laughter.
As long as you’re a gracious host and the charming gentleman you always are, winning her friends over is going to be easy and fun – after all, you’re technically making new friends. Who doesn’t love having more friends?

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