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Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

BY Staff

Wish You Were Here

This one is so easy. If you’re ever chatting with a girl on mesenger, text, whatever… it’s nice to say something like “wish you were here.”
But of course, that’s not very original and can even come across as a little supplicatory depending on the context of your relationship with her.  So you want to add something to make it more fun:
“Wish you were here… we could really use some Schwarzenegger quotes to liven things up.”
“Wish you were here… it’s not nearly European enough”
“Wish you were here… we need more cowbell.”
Getting the pattern?  You want to take something fun and/or dorky that she has done or represents.  It’s never like “we need someone sexy” or “it’d be more fun”.   The reason you’re giving for her to be there is UNIQUE but FUN.  And of course, you’d only use those if there was already context i.e. you’d already traded Schwarzenegger quotes, she is European, or you’d discussed the SNL cowbell skit.
Then the next time you see her, you’ve got the perfect inside joke.
re. Schwarzenneger quotes: “Who is your daddy and what does he do?”
re. European: “hey! voulez vous couchez avec moi?”
re. cowbell: “please tell me you brought more cowbell”
A little laugh and a fun way to say hello.  Try it out 🙂

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