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Get It Straight: The #1 Thing That Women Want In A Man (Video)

Get It Straight: The #1 Thing That Women Want In A Man (Video)

There was once a book created entitled “Everything Men Know about Women” from the author ‘Dr. Alan Francis. I’ll spare you some time and money by explaining what’s in the book, nothing.
That’s right, 100 blank pages of nothing.
Hundreds of years of civilization and what men have learned about women apparently can be summed up in this 100-page book of scrap paper.
Maybe Dr. Francis embellished slightly.
Mr. Social Man himself, Christian Hudson shares his tips on the number 1 thing that women truly want in a man in this week’s video.
What do women want in a man?
A lot of men get this answer wrong, thinking that women like men with money, looks, or a big package.
Now, while those traits and attributes are all things I’m sure women are very attracted to, it’s not what keeps them around and the men that get caught up in this self-destructive way of thinking have already lost the game of attraction before the first play, says Christian.

“They make all women into these heat seeking missiles for something like; Money, or Looks, or that proverbial sausage between their legs.”

All superficial things, that again, maybe a small portion of women are into, but not all.

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In fact, Guys who have these beliefs are making excuses because they’re actuality scared of chasing a woman and being rejected.

“So the guys who believe that women want superficial sh*t, they believe it because they’re making f*cking excuses; maybe they’ve been hurt.”

Putting yourself out there even with the looming fear of rejection, is actually a very attractive trait says, Christian.

“Women tend to be attracted to dominant guys, guys who go after what they want and don’t care about rejection or pain if it means that they’re having fun or doing what they think is right.”

So what do women want?
It’s simple really, women want men with character.

“The personality traits that make him who he is, the stuff that can’t be faked because it’s become an integral part of who he is, it’s become instinct.”

You can change all of the physical details about yourself, and maybe even fatten your pockets but if you want a woman to fall for you, it is all about working on your character so that you can be that man that she falls for.

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