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She’s Not Into You? Model Rey Fakhari Explains Why There Still Might Be Hope

She’s Not Into You? Model Rey Fakhari Explains Why There Still Might Be Hope

BY Staff

She’s Not Into You? Model Rey Fakhari Explains Why There Still Might Be Hope

The Social Man is ecstatic to have had the opportunity to interview Rey Fakhari, a gorgeous model living in California. We asked Rey questions about dating, modeling, and guys, and her answers really surprised us – in the best way possible.
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On Dating And Advice 

Q: What’s one stereotypical first date (coffee, cocktails, dinner, movie) is your least favorite? Why?
Definitely watching a movie because when you first meet someone you want to get to know the person and talk. A movie is a better date for later in the relationship when you want to be close and cuddle.
Q: Can you tell us the story about your worst date and how it all went down?
(Laughs) Yes! This one time I went out with a guy who spent the entire date name dropping about who he knows and talking about himself. I left the date and realized that he probably didn’t learn a single thing about me that night.
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Q: What’s one thing that you wish your future partner knew about being in a relationship with you right off the bat? (Or, if you’re in a relationship, what’s one thing you wish your partner knew about you sooner?)
I wish he’d know that to me communication is the most important part of having a solid and successful relationship. It’s always better to be honest and to communicate well.
Q: Do you ever find that men are afraid to approach you because of your modeling career? What advice would you give to a guy who’s nervous to talk to you?
Not often, but it does happen. I’d tell a guy who was nervous to talk to anyone to realize that we’re all just human. It really doesn’t matter what we look like, what job we have, or how much material wealth we have because in the end we’re all only humans. He should go for it because the worst that could happen is that she says no. If you talk to someone with sincerity and leave the game and pick up lines behind, she’ll be nice – even if she rejects you.
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Q: What’s the one piece of dating advice that you’d give your younger self?
Oh hm. I think it would be to try and have a more open mind. When I was younger I thought I had a certain type, but now I realize I should have just been more open to possibilities.
Q: Has there ever been a guy that you weren’t initially attracted to, but ended up interested in? If so, what changed?
Yes! Actually this guy had been pursuing me for months. After a while, I finally agreed to a single date, and after that date I went completely bananas for him. I don’t know what it was exactly, I think it was just that I gave him a chance and saw who he really was, and I liked it. Yeah, after that date I was so crazy about him.  


On Modeling

Q: In your opinion, what makes a model truly beautiful?
I think models (or anyone actually) are beautiful when they’re comfortable in their own skin.
Q: Have you always been comfortable in front of the camera, or did you have to learn how to become confident?
(Giggles) Well, I’ve always loved being in front of the camera, but I did have to learn how to confidently model well. I had to practice angles and poses, so in that aspect I had to learn how to model.
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Q: Have you had any struggles or misunderstandings about your modeling?
I wouldn’t say too many. I think most people know that I really love my job.
Q: Do you date male models or do you tend to avoid dating within your industry?
Oh. Oh this is going to sound bad, but I don’t find myself attracted to male models. I don’t know why that is, but I don’t typically date male models.
Q: What’s the one stereotype that you find isn’t true about models?
Oh, yeah, it’s that female models are catty. I don’t know why this is a stereotype, but I’ve met some of the sweetest girls that are as beautiful inside as they are outside in modeling. I mean, you always have a few girls that can be mean, but for the most part everyone I’ve worked with has become a good friend because they’re so sweet.
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Q: If there were one thing you wish people knew about modeling, what would that be?
I wish people understood that modeling is actually hard work. Most people think that all you do is look pretty and stand in front of a camera, but it’s more than that. We have to always watch what we eat to make sure our bodies are fit and our skin is smooth, and we have to learn how to position our bodies so that the pictures tell a story. I love modeling, but it’s not as easy as most people think.
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Now, let’s play Would You Rather!

Q: Would you rather go on a first date with your parents watching you on a camera or go on a first date where your date’s parents watch you on a camera?
Definitely I’d rather have my date’s parents watching. If things work out they’re going to meet me anyway! They might as well get to know me in a natural (well kind of), natural setting.
Q: Would you rather make the first move after a date or have your date make the first move? Why?
When I want a guy to make a move after a first date, I think I make the signals loud and clear. So I think he really has no excuse to not make the first move. (Laughs)
Q: Would you rather have the ability to read a date’s mind or give your date the ability to read your mind?
Oh no! Why is this one so hard? Well, I can see the appeal in both. If I have to pick one, though, I guess I’ll give him the ability to read my mind.
Q: Would you rather be invisible for a day or have the ability to fly for a day?
Oh, fly for sure. I’ve always wanted to fly, actually. I even have a tattoo of a bird because of that. I’d love to feel the wind on my face and be able to go anywhere.
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