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7-Year-Old Asks Tom Brady Who His Hero Is, The Answer Almost Made Him Cry

7-Year-Old Asks Tom Brady Who His Hero Is, The Answer Almost Made Him Cry

As a 4-time Super Bowl champion, 3-time Super Bowl MVP and husband of a supermodel, Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time.
Say what you want about his style of play, “Deflategate”, or his bland off-the-field persona, one thing you can’t deny is Brady’s untouchable legacy.
Tom Brady is known as a quarterback who rarely gets rattled. When the lights are at their brightest that is when he shines the most. He’s played against some of the most vicious and legendary defensive players to ever grace the field.
I mean, the man had to face prime Ray Lewis and the legendary defense of the Ravens throughout his career.
One thing that did manage to rattle the 12-time Pro Bowler was a question that was asked by a 7-year-old kid reporter during the Super Bowl LI press conference when the young boy said:

“Many people say you’re their hero, but who’s your hero?”

Brady, who was visibly emotional, took a moment before answering.

“Who’s my hero?” he asked. “That’s a great question. Well, I think my dad is my hero. Because he’s someone I look up to every day.”

Obviously, Tom Sr. was a huge influence on his son’s life. Brady, the elder, took his son to go see legendary San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Joe Montana while he grew up in the bay area.
Little did he know that he would be compared to him one day.
Heading into Sunday’s Superbowl Game against the Atlanta Falcons, Tom is one win away from passing Joe Montana to become “The Winningest” Quarterback in Super Bowl history, further solidifying himself as the greatest to ever play the game.
Brady joked with the media that he had to ban his father from speaking after he went after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in an interview saying  his suspension was “beyond reprehensible.”

“I’d say my dad represents his feelings, he’s a dad and I’m a dad… so hopefully he’s here and cheering us on.”

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