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Endless Opportunities: Why Street Game Is The Best

Endless Opportunities: Why Street Game Is The Best

BY Staff

Endless Opportunities: Why Street Game Is The Best

For some reason, guys think going out to pick up girls has to be an event, rather than something they can do anywhere at any time.
They designate a specific night, a specific bar or club and even carefully pick their outfits.
In the beginning, when the whole idea of picking up women seems new and maybe even a little crazy, this is understandable, but the goal for any guy who wants to have any skill with women should be to have the ability to turn on the charm anywhere and anytime.
In fact, taking your game outside of a place where every other guy is probably doing the same thing, may even help your chances of meeting a hot girl.
One of the best places, without question, to work on your approaching skills is the street. Now, when I say the street is a good place to approach, I don’t mean standing on the sidewalk whistling.
I mean that the sidewalk or the outside of a mall or even a park is an excellent, usually quiet environment that is conducive to a good, meaningful conversation.
Guys that stand around catcalling aren’t having any success, and the distinction between shouting something inappropriate and actually walking over to a girl with good intentions is always something to keep in mind.
But why approach on the street?
Why not just limit it to clubs and bars, where the girls are heavily made-up, wearing their sexiest outfits and generally look like they want to get approached?
The answer is pretty simple: because clubs are absolutely saturated with other guys who are trying to do the same thing you are.
Most of them are bad at it, and by eleven o’clock, most girls are sick of being talked to. Maybe they did want to get approached when they left the house that night, but after four, five or even six creeps, they’re most likely over it.
So, even if you come over with a charming, funny opener, you’re already starting with less points because of the environment you’re in.
After a while, approaching in clubs just gets a little hacky and cliché.
Further, clubs are notoriously distracting places with heavy amounts of visual and auditory stimuli. The music, lights, dance floor, and alcohol are, in fact, obstacles to your success, not enhancements.
They are each a distraction from the conversation, and make it extremely hard for her to focus on you, or what kind of guy you are. Clubs, generally, are a trap.
While you can have some luck, most of the time you end up spending money you didn’t want to spend, while going home empty handed. It’s just not worth it.
The street on the other hand or any outdoor daytime landscape for game is a very different story.
If you approach a girl on the street, she most likely doesn’t have much to distract her from what you’re saying. She may even be bored, and welcome the ensuing chat.
Also, her guard is probably down.
If it’s noon on a Saturday, she probably hasn’t been approached by many guys yet that day, and won’t judge you against the bad experiences she’s already had.
It’s a very private interaction that isn’t influenced by external factors.
Catching her off guard in an outdoor setting where she’s just going about her day, is exponentially more simple and efficient than going into clubs.
The key is to be as friendly as you can, while still letting her know you’re interested. You don’t want to seem like you’re a creep, or like you’re about to catcall her.
The key is to walk over confidently and start a conversation that she can actually participate in, not yell inappropriate things at her from behind a parking cone.
Also, being that summer is here, parks, beaches, and outdoor malls all make great places to approach.
Usually, the vibe in a park or on the beach is pretty relaxed and people are in a good mood.
This isn’t always true, but there happens to be a lot less drama in a park with green grass and sunshine than there is on the inside of a club where people are drunk, fighting and taking drugs.
The same rules apply as the street. Be friendly, start a conversation and make sure that you respect her personal space.
If she tells you she isn’t interested, don’t hang around and annoy her. After all, she is technically a stranger and doesn’t owe you anything.
What you do want to accomplish is a mini-date, in which the two of you end up hanging out for a little while and getting to know each other.
If possible, try and bring her to another location like a coffee shop or to lunch. Theoretically, you could be on a date within an hour of meeting a girl just by approaching during the day.
When you think about how much time passes between meeting a girl in a club to actually getting her on a date, it’s kind of hard not to see how street game is a more effective and efficient option.
Like most elements of pickup or seduction, it seems counterintuitive, and you’ll have to actually go out and do it before you see that it works.
It just boils down to your priorities.
If you enjoy clubs because of the music, then go to clubs and have a good time, but if your priority is meeting girls, you should find the most conducive environment to that goal.
A date is, in a basic sense, an interaction between two people in a public place, so why not just go make one appear instead of doing extra steps in the process?
Next time you have a few hours free, just go for a walk in a busy neighborhood.
You’ll be amazed at the limitless opportunities, and even more amazed at the positive results of your approaches.
Remember: just because the sun’s out and you’re outside, doesn’t mean you can’t game.

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