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Scientists Explain Why You Want To Eat Like Shit When You’re Hungover

Scientists Explain Why You Want To Eat Like Shit When You’re Hungover

BY Staff

Scientists Explain Why You Want To Eat Like Shit When You’re Hungover

I’m sure we’ve all had those mornings where you wake up after a long night out and feel as hungry as if it were the last day of lent.
It is not uncommon to feel a headache, nausea and crappy in general, but sometimes you’re abnormally ravenous.
This phenomenon isn’t an abstract construction of your mind. Post late night cravings is a basic biological human response supported over various case studies worldwide.
According to leading Gastroenterologist and weight management physician Nitin Kumar, M.D.

“The metabolism of alcohol can affect the blood sugar balance in your body by depleting glycogen (carbs)”

In order to fully grasp the context of this, we first need to understand what Glycogen actually is.
According to the National Center of Biotechnology Information, “Glycogen is a readily mobilized storage form of glucose.”
Naturally this Glycogen becomes the primary form of vitality when your body undergoes the metabolic processes to address the higher levels of alcohol present. As your body depletes of Glycogen, this triggers a reaction to the neural responses that dictate hunger.
High starch based foods that provide excellent sources of carbohydrates such as potatoes, bread, and pasta, become the go to morning meals that people yearn for.
That being said, wanting to chow down on a feast of sweet and salty foods the next morning seems appropriate.
If you find yourself constantly hungry after a night of heavy drinking, it is possible you’ll want to change up your drinking or eating habits.
Drinking less alcohol is of course the first course of action to prevent that feeling, as well as downing water and non-alcoholic drinks intermediately will address these concerns immediately. These simple solutions can offset the dehydration experienced, and a good bacon, egg, and cheese couldn’t hurt either.

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